Modular Synthesizer

Modular Synthesizer manufacturers and URLs
über Modularsysteme..
(davon viele auch hier zu finden) gibt es u.a. von:
Digital Modular? Clavia G2 / Nord Modular / Micro Modular Series Software Modular? see Softsynth..

emu modular synthesizer

INFO: find more about the system in their respective sections..
this is just a list of the manufacturers urls..

you can get modular synthesizers from these companies, lots of them listed here in the moogulatorium..: I listed the highlights..
Analogue Systems, Blacet, Buchla, Cyndustries, Doepfer, Serge, Encore Electronics, Evenfall, Metasonix, Modcan, MOTM, OakleySounds, Paia,, Technosaurus, Wiard, Analogue Solutions.. here’s their URLs:

deutsche/ britische.. ANALOGE synthesizer / german distribution german/british and other synths.. vertrieb jomox, vermona, macbeth, mfb / fricke etc..
vostok – an ems type matrix but with korg ms20 filters
somekinda british doepfer..

some nice digital modules (pattern generator and even 24bit FX processors) at

cheap modular systems at
good quality and stuff ,but looks good, there is a steiner parker filter, clock sequencer and divider and some nice tools available in 2 sizes (moog/motm and formant 5/6HE) – atm you can have any format you want.. (german) more on them

you can still buy EMS at very high prices here:

buchla (yes, one of the first synthesizer pioneers ever don buchla) did another (also very expensive) old new system with digital modules (24 stage envelopes!) and midi and allows storing sounds/voltages…
check for the 200e
HQ modules
the small µventuryII from lassence belgium..
seems new, somewhat moogish synthesizers like and do..
the A 100, good prices.. and cheap interfaces!
no completely different xept it is „compatible“ :
the rs-integrator – find one here
also serge here..
knobby and stuff..
a tube synth (röhrentechnik)
a vacuum tube synth (röhrentechnik) – the first synth filter that has 4 tubes for BPF (well it’s the only one I know of..) sounds nice & sick ;) comes in a 19″ rack Metasonix info here on the page..
nice DIY synths they have a nice jp8000-style but full analogue supersaw-type phattness module! and many more..
the called („mother of all modulars“) from synthesis technology paul schreiber.
nee I say more..?
big modular from switzerland.. clear sound, high quality..
also some small ones..
very complex modules here! maybe the „opposite“ of moog philosophy

(the m3x,.. a something like vcs3 and minimoog, but much more the vcs incl. sound! and the M5)

theiss modular..

helm (formant synthesizers)
this is the best known DIY Synth project in germany..

nice diy synth: (german):

our forumodular-synthesizer (DIY)
anyware-instruments, some analogue gear.. we developed the forum-DIY-synth simplesizer and forumodular .. some filterboxes also (megapole series), SEMtex (our SEM clone type synth), some modules in moog size (VCOs, VCFs, etc..)
and even a nice sequencer „groovegenerator“..
a moog retro? the modusonics

digital? there is the clavia nord modular / g2, creamware pulsar (modular 2 and modular 3) software? native instruments reaktor! and lots more..

the older systems of ARP (2500, 2600 (semimodular)), Moog, Roland, Buchla, Korg (semimodulars) etc..

more.. interesting hardware.. :
very special machines can be found here. for converting and lots more.. maybe interesting for modular systems and very special systems..

site of Marc Marc (scroll!!) of special modular and analogue gear:
french filterbox.. nice look..

and some quite unknown modular / DIY stuff by
hope their site will be compatible with non-explorer browsers somewhere soon ;)

of course these are the analogue modulars only.. ;) .. find the nord modular, the creamware modular or others in digital or/and software section

Theremin DIY & to buy..
the theremin site..

see all these modular systems?
please check the menu.. start with moog, roland etc. and this one..

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