OSC – OSCar Oxford Synthesiser Company

THE OSCar Synthesizer from OSC

Oxford Synthesiser Company OSCar (1983)

another fine synth (beside the WASP by EDP (electronic dream planet)

from Chris Huggett (see above about his other project EDP and his teaming up with EMS-David Cockerell)
(imo he’s the one who is also responsible for EDP) It had additive synthesized waveforms as waveforms, interesting very „british“ sounding rough filters with separation and drive! (sep sets the BPF bandwidth)

this is the first and last synth by OSC 1982. 2 ENVS (adsr) and 1 LFO. also nice PW control. but very cryptic interface and look.. 2 filters, routable to model a 24dB/oct filter, both filters are multimode: lpf,hpf,bpfthe oscs are special digital ones thaat can hold up to 24 waveforms where 5 can be edited in a kind off additive way.. there is a sequencer in it ,too (24 sequences storable) later software versions made those editable, but see them as (almost) preset ones.

„duophonic“ via the sequencer, so this is what it has in common with the arp odyssey and the roland sh7

btw: there is a software out emulating the OSCar from g media, but I don’t own it.. only seen the demo.

huggett later worked for akai (the s1000), strange, but ..

the Advanced Sound Generator ASG was planned but imho it was never made, sort of rack version of an advanced OScar.. about 1000 Oscars have been made..

OSC oscar
OSCar synthesizer ehm, synthesiser
click these for details:
1000-2000 were made of these – „Father“ Chris Huggett later worked for akai (strange,huh?)..
OSC oscar synthesiser

OSC oscar synthesiser

OSCOSC Synth overview / überblick..

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