Pre-Messe 2011: Korg, Vermona, Clavia, Roland on April – Messe starts 6.4.

the 199€ – Monotribe – Sort of extended Monotron with small 8step Sequencer.

ITmedia:/news/articles/1104/01/l_sk_korg.jpg. reports a new synth

meanwhile Rolands „Jupiter80 (Video)“ Page links to a Musikmesse counter. If it’s really this design it may just be a Workstation which does not remind of a that Jupiter that you might expect under that Name. No DBeam but about 3k€ price tag. Well it’s Jupiter as much as the Juno G is. But it’s in fact 8 Gaias plus Drums plus AP-Synth in one Box 256 Voice (4x Multi) Roland Jupiter 80 Digital Synthesizer (2011) + simple sequencer

Ok, today is the 1st of April, but it’s nice to look at. Moog posted a nice joke about a „polyphonic Theremin“ as well (nice one – harhar) – the Jp8 and a Monotribe-Microkorg-MS2000-Something Combination with Samples – something that one could like, possible they built some Tribe around the Monotron hence the Name MONOTRIBE was reg’ed by Korg

This one was part of VariOS – But possibly the „Jupiter 80“ is just a simple Workstation repackaged – remember Juno G Digital Synthesizer (2006) – Here’s the VariOS Screenshot when they realized selling things has to do with „VA“ – did not sell well…

and Vermona annouces the Hall Reverb Tank equipped Mono Lancet..

Rl front 1000

Forumsdiskussionen dazu:

• Neuer Roland Synth…
• Korg Mono Tribe

what we expect


what they say


what we get

we are so ******ed! It’s just a Nord Electro 3HP – A Piano. No Synth again.

so thats what is there before the Messe. See you 2morrow.

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