RME Fireface upgrades – more stable

I have updated the RME stuff quite a while ago when Snow Leopard was very new and they all went to 64bits. Well with taking some hurdles of updating and deleting I fixed my problems on the Mac and updated the Fireface 800 to 2.72 and now it’s also back – I can switch it on and off and nothing freezes. I had those problems after the 2.64 update and did not dare to switch it off when I did not need the audio interface (just surfing etc).

so it’s back to what it always was – stable. just in case some1 has the same problems – here’s one of them in german @ forum:

– cpu oder rme fireface, wer ist schuld.. ?.

just Win7 still hangs and Glitch Loops, but as always PCs are not good at Firewire Audio, still. Even 64 Bit Win7 it’s still hard to make it work within some minutes, hours..

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