Roland Boutique – JX03 JU06 JU08 (Jupiter 8, Juno 106, JX3P re-issued / Nachfolger)

Here they are – hier sind sie.. (Test in SynMag 53)

vierstimmig, rudimentär, anschlagdynamisch, süß klein, und mit 16-step-sequencer.

• Audiodemo added: JU06JP08 & JX03 (check the players..)
– more: Boutique.

Roland JP08 = Jupiter 8 - Vintage vs Boutique Was kann er? Wie klingt's? JP-08 Synthesizer

synmag roland boutique
Jupiter 8 ($399) / Juno 106 ($299) / JX 3P ($299) – reloaded
desktop, 16 step sequencer, add. keyboard 25 keys,
chainable, 4 voices with JX03 – so 8 voices with 2 of them!
runs on batteries (or USB power..)

Tech: like System 1/1m digital. Roland has proved it works modeling their own vintage sound – so here is the classic polyphonic synth again!
Die Technologie ist digital, klingt aber so, wie man es erwartet. Es ist also für den Nutzer „zunehmend egal“.

add synth features JX:
2.nd OSC extra Xmod features, range larger, more waveformsroland jx03
with optional keyboard (25 keys)JU-06_K-25m

Roland JX03boutique_jx03

Roland Ju06 (Juno)boutique_ju06

Roland JP08

roland jp08 synthK-25mjp08

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more pics–

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