Roland CR78 classic tracks on Youtube

Roland CR78 classic tracks on Youtube.

Waht is the: Roland CR78 Drummachine (1978)

Did another nostalgic exercise, like the earlier Linndrum / TR-808 / Oberheim DMX compilations on my channel

All CR78 beats remodelled from individual sounds in my Korg Electribe sampler, with Linndrum overdubs in the original tracks acoustic drumkits were added. All synth and bass sounds are from my Roland Juno 106 (1984) and Juno 60 (1982) synths, trying to emulate the Prophets and other synths used in the original tracks. Additional fx by Boss SE50. Again all recreated by ear. None of the original tracks were sampled.

– Daryl Hall & John Oates – I can’t go for that
– Gary Numan – Remind me to Smile
– Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD) – Enola Gay
– Soft Cell – Tainted Love
– Phil Collins – In the Air Tonight
– Roxy Music – Jealous Guy
– Blondie – Atomic

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