Scope / Pulsar Modular updates: SONIC CORE makes Modular IV

Whoops, they did it again and redesigned all modules and added some PD (Casio CZ) stuff as well- note: this is not for macs. 97 New Modules are listed there, the modules that were already there are much like the G2’s plus something more incl Wavetables etc. (jsut to remember). There’s 2 things I think be special: Terriain OSCs and Cellular Automata Sequencer. Also Flux and others look interesting.

We are proud to announce the new MODULAR IV. The MODULAR IV is a huge modular system based on the SCOPE software version 5. This very complex modular system includes 97 modules. 7 of these modules are the new exciting CZ modules (well known from the CZ synthesizers).

Amazing modulations and the unique feature to create a sample feedback at any position you want (i.e. for physical modelling and audio feedback) are included.

198,- EUR incl. 19% VAT
(Release is available up from 01.01.2010)

SCOPE Software v5.0.2617 (or newer)
DOWNLOAD SCOPE v5.0.2617 for PCI BOARDS on WINDOWS XP, VISTA and Windows 7 (32 BIT). This version supports MODULAR v4

and Dynatube devices.

Welcome to SONIC CORE.

you forgot who they are? the followup of Creamware and the same ppl doing the John Bowen Solaris Synth.

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