Kawai K5000 Dual – Organ Version (Mod)

Didn’t know there was a funny K5000 mod sold, which is basically a doble K5000 with the S-Version Controls and the W-Version added. Ad you might know, the K5000 is the most advanced addivive hardware synth made (beside the acxel / axcel 2). It’s not a mod, it’s a real product.

UPDATE: This is a mod, no official version!! so this thing has never been sold officially by Kawai atc. But the Yamaha one did:

On the same site: Find the FVX1, the early 8OP Yamaha FM Synth as organ here, too. so looks like they secretly put out organs based on very special and interesting synths. well, I didn’t know and I thought I…

Check it here: Sound Examples.

Kawai K5000 Dual

  1. Impro1
  2. Impro2
  3. Impro3
  4. Impro4
  5. Impro5

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