Semtex – Synthesizer Audio (update) + Test (D)

Here’s another little „old synthpop“ style Track on the Semtex Synthesizer (Ser#4) for you.. also a little demonstration morph, since Semtex can morph from LPF to HPF (Filters). more coming soon, check back ASAP.

Another Track added with FM sounds from the Semtex (also ALL-SEMTEX Track) with calm atmosphere, do you know the style / genre? I don’t .. listen!..

Audio Link:
Semtex – Oberheim SEM? much more: a modular System!

anyware semtex

Semtex Section: here

D E R — T E S T

(D) N E U –> mein deutscher testbericht dazu:
Semtex (deutsch) Test

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