Shiny Toys – Nerdic Audiovisual Walking – Festival

just like to share some images from a nerdy festival, SHINY TOYS –in Mülheim, Germany, Ringlokschuppen

1) those spinning wheels are part of a sound installation, sound generators were added that react on the pulsing light coming from or through the wheels and created a granular sound

2) that tv thing is 4 rows of LEDs that rotate fast enough to create a picture – some old western and Bud Spencer movies work well on it ;)

3) Cicuit Bent Image Processor

4) Concerts of Hidden Technology and Spherical Disrupted

5) Light Installations on a van/Bus – by Raumzeitpiraten

6) those gold fish bowls were used to create coloured fine underwater -somethings- also cool music performance – Artist: The Gegenschein

7) more installations – painted, projections and interference projections – and a copier-Xerox-super-nerd told something about the first copiers.

8) met Peter „create digital music“ Kirn amd enjoyed his performance – About Peter Kirn – thanks a lot, Peter!

pics Shiny Toys on facebook.

more / other images 4 u: