Shiny Toys 2013 – Audiovisual Festival (Part 1/2), Mülheim, Germany

Impressions -Shiny Toys – Mühlheim / Germany (first day)
„make the most of simple things“…

see Simon Moritz Geist’s mechanical MR808, and Details plus mechanical Bassline and Gameboy Nanoloop

Trans Human triggered beats by blood drops on a morror.. (yes!)
Pencil Quincy with Digger Barnes – nice and cute self made very analogue show – turntables, cell phone, and a lot of paper and lights..
Raumzeitpiraten – very cool also analog light show – strange looking chemical equipement etc..

very cool HipHop-IDM Show by Valance Drakes and IDM from Generate..
a website showing „Live“ audio from different locations with free jazzy live performance
and more..

and a lot of nerdy stuff – based on laterna magica, little bots that do things and move and a speaker moving some balls..

part 1… -> Shiny Toys Part II

19:00 Ansprache / kurze Einführung in die Ausstellung (intro)
19:30 Performance Saal – Hubert Steins (free jazzy live improv. with sounds from a map , aporee.org brings the audio from all those places)
20:30 Performance Saal – Digger Barnes & Pencil Quincy (song writer and very nice & cute drawn mini shows with rotating stuff etc.. )
21:30 Performance Outdoor – Vj Suave&Raumzeitpiraten (the bus outside, the greenish laser, magn.glasses and other very „analog“ visual gear)
22:30 Performance Saal – Moritz Simon Geist (the TR808 – gone acoustic with nanoloop)
23:30 Performance Tender – Klaske (voice singing and showing very very cute
00:30 Performance Saal – Trans/Human (blood to audio – noise performance)
01:00 Performane Halle – Valance Drakes (hip/glitchhop influenced .. coool!!)
02:00 Performane Halle – Generate (IDM)

Shiny Toys 2012 Impression

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