Shiny Toys 2013 – Part 2

here’s the next batch of images from Shiny Toys – the Audio-Visual Festival..

Prepared Piano by Hauschka is a must! table tennis balls, toys, duct tape, and lots of little pieces.. and some delay & reverb from eventide stomp boxes added to the piano..
lots of performances with cars and live-manipulation of fluids and lamps and everything..  (Asynthone) and – live added sounds somehow integrated.
and .. pure e-motor sound controlled by a flame clockwork and solar driven little tangram tiles that move by a little motor that is normally used for cell phone vibration and it’s all going to a (audio) mixer.. – 2 people – 2 speakers – so it’s rhythmic etc..
Mr.Bernier had 7 (hope that’s true) glass plated illuminated by LEDs from the bottom composed to flash or light with certain clicks /and „cuts“ .. highly appreciated cool.. could be raster noton-kind of style..
a great experience.. musically possibly even better than the day before..

Shiny Toys Part 1 : previous!

18:00 – 02:00 | Tender | Ausstellung
Wunderkammer: Projektionen, Magische Laternen und Trugbilder.
19:30 | Tender | Ray Vibration (e-motors. solar bots and mechanical noises)
20:00 – very late | Halle | Skribble AV Special
20:30 | Saal | Nicolas Bernier (glass & raster noton style – very cool)
21:30 | Outdoor | The Erasers (the car performance)
23:00 | Halle | Hauschka (prepared piano)
00:00 | Saal | Asynthome (on stage visuals)
01:30 | Saal | incite/ (danceable)


Achja, wer wissen will, was Hauschka so macht, hier mal ein netter Bericht mit Tori Amos durch die Nacht..

Tori Amos & Hauschka @ 'Through the Night' 2013

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