Tasty Chips Electronics – ST4 Tracker, Sampler & Synthesizer – C64 style

Dieser lustige Kasten mit Synthesizer, Sampler und Sequencer/Tracker an Bord hat es offenbar geschafft. Ein wenig C64 Feeling gibt es – für „live“ Performance mit Sampling und endlich mal mit Knöpfen, sodass man tatsächlich Knöpfe drehen kann und nicht „programmieren“ muss.

it has reached the goal – the ST4 synth which is basically a synth like the SID in the C64 and also offers sampling and has a sequencer. Finally with knobs so this is a full blown chiptune station with a lot of stage „smell“.

USB – Keyboard connection (another one for programming)
3x ADSR loopable
2 LFOs (with sample mode!)
16 step sequencer, 4 tracks – structure is 4x OSC-VCF-VCA
OSCs digital (sample, tri,saw,rec,noise)
8 sample banks
components can be chained – like 2 OSCed pairs etc..
4x out

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