Tasty Chips Electronics – ST4 Tracker, Sampler & Synthesizer – C64 style

Dieser lustige Kasten mit Synthesizer, Sampler und Sequencer/Tracker an Bord hat es offenbar geschafft. Ein wenig C64 Feeling gibt es – für „live“ Performance mit Sampling und endlich mal mit Knöpfen, sodass man tatsächlich Knöpfe drehen kann und nicht „programmieren“ muss. it has reached the goal – the ST4 synth which is basically a synth like the SID in the C64 and also offers sampling and has a sequencer. Finally with knobs so this is a full blown chiptune station with a lot of stage „smell“. ST4 Tracker song mode improvisationDieses…

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iPad Tracker – Sidtracker64

Hier kommt eine Emulation des C64 SID Chips mit Sequencer im Tracker-Stil für 13€ Sidtracker64 is a perfect name and description – what you get: 1) you get a tracker which has exactly what Reaper and Trackers in general look like .. 2) SID Chip Emulation 3) Generation of Files that the C64 can „eat“ and work with on the iPad – 13€. Here’s the official feature list: the synth · 3 voices (of course) SID 8580 R5 chip. · 8 waveforms – tri, saw, pulse with pwm, noise, trisaw, tripulse,…

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LoFi Special – 8Bit to Rozzbox

8bit – sound nintendo Gameboy .. there is still a midi cable available.. but don’t ask.. ;) the little thing on the fizmo is a nintendo gameboy with nanoloop ;) interesting minimal step sequencer beside LSDJ.. info in the SOFTWARE section.. Commodore SX64 well, call it a „laptop“ version of the commodore c64.. with built in 1541 floppy drive and CRT screen.. elektron sidstation this is the heart of the commodore C64 homecomputer from 1983 – the SID chip, a real analogue synthesizer with 3 voices: ringmodulation, ADSR envelopes, PWM…

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