iPad Tracker – Sidtracker64

Hier kommt eine Emulation des C64 SID Chips mit Sequencer im Tracker-Stil für 13€ Sidtracker64 is a perfect name and description – what you get: 1) you get a tracker which has exactly what Reaper and Trackers in general look like .. 2) SID Chip Emulation 3) Generation of Files that the C64 can „eat“ and work with on the iPad – 13€. Here’s the official feature list: the synth · 3 voices (of course) SID 8580 R5 chip. · 8 waveforms – tri, saw, pulse with pwm, noise, trisaw, tripulse,…

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Reaper 4 – the $60 DAW

REAPER 4 Audio Production Tool DAW is out. they call themselves evolutionary, so it’s best to browse yourself for details. what’s interesting with Reaper is it’s low price compared to the popular DAWs like Live, Logic and Cubase  – but also it is closer and from people who are more into open source kind of thinking compared to others. about the look and feel – well, it looks a lot like a mix out of the most and better known ones – except the little picto-style images on the top left…

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