Reaper 4 – the $60 DAW

REAPER 4 Audio Production Tool DAW is out.

they call themselves evolutionary, so it’s best to browse yourself for details. what’s interesting with Reaper is it’s low price compared to the popular DAWs like Live, Logic and Cubase  – but also it is closer and from people who are more into open source kind of thinking compared to others. about the look and feel – well, it looks a lot like a mix out of the most and better known ones – except the little picto-style images on the top left corner.

you can record and edit audio just the usual way. and automate and draw controller data like this:

there are channels and fx within..

Mac and PC – it’s 60 or 225 USD – depends on how many money you make, so most of us may use the $60 one with the same functionality which is a no brainer. it supports VST, not AU.

And I am sure you want to check out this: the audio &, MIDI, stuff.

reaper midi


reaper audio

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