LoFi Special – 8Bit to Rozzbox

8bit – sound
nintendo Gameboy ..
there is still a midi cable available.. but don’t ask.. ;)
the little thing on the fizmo is a nintendo gameboy with nanoloop ;)
interesting minimal step sequencer beside LSDJ.. info in the SOFTWARE section..
Commodore SX64
well, call it a „laptop“ version of the commodore c64..
with built in 1541 floppy drive and CRT screen..

elektron sidstation
this is the heart of the commodore C64 homecomputer from 1983 – the SID chip, a real analogue synthesizer with 3 voices: ringmodulation, ADSR envelopes, PWM for a real lowfi sound..
the sidstation has some additional features..
eg: „wavetables“.. and 4 controllers.. not cheap! but possible beside the ucapps C64 a nice way to use it as an instrument..

more –—–click to enlarge–>

mehr elektron stuff.. (elektron menu)

commodore sx64 computer 8bit
elektron sidstation - C64 sound synthesizer
elektron sidstation - C64 sound synthesizer
Rozzbox ONE
by L.L.Electronics (Kilian Leonhard)
Rozzbox is a one man small „company“. it all started to make a nice digital synthesizer for about 250€ on microcontrollers/pic – to make it cheap and no need for DSPs or the like..
so the idea was to make „ROZZ“ (rotz = german for.. uhm.. dirt..)
todays music lives from the digital imperfection here.. so you can turn up digital dirt in a special section „rozz (rotz!)“ and reduces bits and depth of calculating filters / aliasing is WANTED..so, yes.. it is not an 8bit C64 synth, but it was designed for lofi sounds.. in fact the Rozzbox ONE sounds much more hi-ended then one might think of. additional to this there is an analog filter available as an option. it has 3 OSCs feat. digital waves also and an LFO and 2 „mod matrix“-kind of routing sections. the filter is LPF or HPF with resonance, oscs range from 4 to 32″. there is a small display for saving your sounds and there are of course 2 ADSR envelopes.

LL electronics link..

update 2:

– Analog filter (Transistor basiert/transistor based) ist serienmässig / on all new Rozzboxes (V2)
– Envelope-Follower + Audio In (seperate Ins)
– much faster / wesentlich schnellere Hüllkurven / Modulation
– 2 (plus „Global LFO“) statt/instead of 1 LFO
– 4 ModulationsKnoten statt 2 Knoten / 4 mod routings instead of 2
– 9 zusätzliche, feste Modulationswege / 9 more mod routings
– Viel mehr MOD Quellen und Ziele verfügbar / more mod sources
– ziemlich komplexer Sequencer / sequencer
– mehr Rozz / more lofi FX


rozzbox synthesizer
enlarge? click the image!..
rozzbox synthesizer
rozzbox synthesizer
audio here somewhere s.o.o.n
rozzbox synthesizer
rozzbox synthesizer
rozzbox / llLL Synth overview / überblick..

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