Steinberg CMC controllers – hardwareized Cubase

CMC modular controller system – are a set of little controllers – the most interesting may be the ribbons with LED in it, at least there is also a 16 Pad Drum controller – all of them seem to come from Yamaha at least (since they are the big company behind it all). I don’t know if they work with Live or Logic ;)

the idea behind it is – make your own controller surface for Cubase, add more of one type – there’s a pad, a pot and a slider controller and some buttons for channel strip control on the fourth one.

still waiting for synth makers do something like this or even nicer – ok, nut just ADSRs, OSCs, ..? but maybe being able to control synths more intuitive? it’s easier to controllerize DAW, as long as it’s just a tape recorder replacement. but if it comes to pattern sequencing maybe there’s hope and DAW and TR-Style Controllers come together?..

ok, Steinberg got their „Launchpad“ now, Roland has the Sonar Cakewalk-stuff, apple? (there is rumours about Logic X coming)

im Forum: Neue Steinberg Controller Serie

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