iOs App: Elastic Drums & Wretch Up (Mouse on Mars related)

Elastic Drums is a new iPhone app, it offers 6 tracks that can be easily programmed as 16step patterns, that can be chained and programmed as as song. 4 fx incl. reverb and gated reverb can be automated to it and recorded in realtime. Free Promo Codes – der frühe Vogel.. Grüße vom SynMag und und Danke an Oliver für die Codes: AA6L9JKJ9ARR 4RN4EAFY9EHH H6AFHX6EWWKW 3JWJEME3FAA9 33EWJYMT4AH7 6EEJJMRYJK39 4ELPL9YRTJJX TR36NWF7T7YE -> Einlösen -> Redeem Promo Code: the shown screen shot tells it – it’s a fm capable and…

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Octatack OS 1.2 adds looper

new and free in os 1.2 for Octatrack is the new looper, quote from their newsletter: Elektron has released OS 1.2 for the Octatrack. This major OS update adds, among other things, the Pickup machines. Pickup machines make the Octatrack function as a looper. Record, overdub, loop, reverse, time stretch and pitch shift loops on the fly. Automatic sequencer to loop sync makes it easy to blend pre-programmed Octatrack patterns with recorded takes. Pickup machines are great tools for guitarists, beat boxers, DJs and in general anyone wanting to experiment…

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Sequetron Sequencer – MkII Snippets, Supernova + EMU E5000 sampler

Remember the Sequetron? it’s a little software for Windows that follows a different kind of sequencing concept – it’s more like a group of loopers or tracks, that allow to be much longer and just repeat immediately per track, so you can just play along. just as my words can tell – and you can see some of Phils nice synths and samplers also.. go to Phil Tippings YT account (philtipping) to watch more videos.. Sequetron MkII Snippets, Supernova + EMU E5000 sampler.

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