Sequetron Sequencer – MkII Snippets, Supernova + EMU E5000 sampler

Remember the Sequetron? it’s a little software for Windows that follows a different kind of sequencing concept – it’s more like a group of loopers or tracks, that allow to be much longer and just repeat immediately per track, so you can just play along. just as my words can tell – and you can see some of Phils nice synths and samplers also..

go to Phil Tippings YT account (philtipping) to watch more videos..

Sequetron MkII Snippets, Supernova + EMU E5000 sampler.

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One Thought to “Sequetron Sequencer – MkII Snippets, Supernova + EMU E5000 sampler”

  1. Tony

    Sequetron allows me having fun with my midi keyboard keys, concentrating only on musical creativity, forgetting all the „problems“ and distraction which come with other „professional“ DAW software. Phil is very open minded for new incoming ideas, especially very fast in implementing those, if he likes the idea, or sees a value for the whole community. I could describe hundreds of its cool features here, but better is just trying it out yourself. Have fun my friends, and thanks from here also to Phil Tipping for this cool tool!

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