FM Sounds: DTronics DT7 vs DX7 Programmer by Jellinghaus & PG200 replacement

you may have seen the Jellinghaus DX7 Programmer – du kennst vielleicht diesen „Programmer“ für den DX7 von Jellinghaus – es gibt davon einen Clone von DTronics.. den DT7. Es gibt weitere Programmer für D5 und D50, Yamaha Reface DX und JX3P..  Here’s something I saw atDjango van Veen’s FB – the DTRONICS DT7 – seems to be some sort of clone since it’s layout looks quite like that. since it’s only 25 worldwide this might be a good idea. I don’t know if it’s (Eno sold his)fun to use…

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Yamaha GS1 Programmer - internal use only App 

Yamaha AN1X-like App with Synth Book of History – FM Programmers

Yamaha wasn’t presenting any synth at NAMM but they put up a nice history page – but there’s a little 8 voice synth in it near the AN1x Digital Synthesizer but not exactly IT plus drums – called SynthBook and within the iOS App it’s called AN2015 running on iPhones.. here’s what you can do – see the tabs? it’s quite capable of a lot of synthesis. UPDATE – there is a free FM app as well – here called FM Essential. Yamaha Synth Book PV2Dieses Video auf YouTube ansehen and there is plenty of cool…

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Use iPad as Controllerbox for Microkorg

use the App S1MIDItrigger and the Line6 MIDI Interface to control your synths, since everything has CCs the iPad makes a nice Programmer – the app is also available for the iPhone, but may only be enough for just a hand full of controllers. Line6 MIDI: 66€ – the app: 2,39€ – but you need an iPad of course.. iPad and S1MIDITrigger: 36 more knobs/faders for my microKORG.

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