Behringer teasing their Synths – „something in the lab“ things

Der Behringer is going to to things in the lab. it’s already bleeping @ MIDAS Lab. Confidential Midas / Behringer Synthesizer LeakDieses Video auf YouTube ansehen Behringer Midas Synth Teaser backgrounds part 1 (about ARPing the world for cheap) part 2 – Behringer & Amazona Synth – first moves Kleine Abhandlung über Behringer, Amazona und Analoge Synthesizer

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Vermona – new synth (for Xmas)? & Rumours – Arturia: Audio Interface + Synth, Clavia: Nord Electro 5

Vermona just wishes a merry Christmas – but look at that synth – seems like they got something that looks like a new comfortable full sized mono oder duosynth –  the Performer and their small desktop synths may be in in a way – but well – just keep an eye on them I’d say.. ok – if it’s just saying „it’s Xmas“ they could just put some of their current synth up and add some glitter – but this is something blue and new.. right? #VerMonaLisa Korgs Odyssey will…

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