Teenage Engineering Oplab – anything to Synth-interface and back

Oplab is a special „modular“ workspace that can be set up yourself and sync’s USB and MIDI with something you built or already have in the analog domain

• 2 x USB host port 
• 1 x USB device port 
• 2 x CV IN or any Analogue IN 
• 2 x CV OUT or any Analogue OUT 
• MIDI In / Out / Thru 
• Sync 24 
• Program selection switches

it’s somewhere between NOT soldering but still developing stuff but have all the tools at hand 

aaand- there are 3 types of sensors – Tap, Flip and Poke that allow you to use their signal to control anything on this little translator like MIDI, CV or USB/MIDI..
harhar – there is a shoe with a rubber side pocket as well so you could control some synth – switch on electric bulbs (as long as they are legal) and add it to your music..

Tap – is a microphone sensor (triggering!)
Flip – is an accelerometer (get the physical side like shaking, turning and moving it around into synths)
Poke – pressure sensitive

Mit diesem kleinen Teil kann man Drücke, Drehungen und Berührungen an MIDI, Synths und CV ausgeben oder synchronisieren (wie wär’s mit einem Herzschlag to Beat DIY Interface?) und zurück, da USB und MIDI auch eingebunden werden können sowie die drei Sensorentypen wie oben erklärt..

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