the making of U-HE – Ace Softsynth – Wie der Ace und Bazille in die Welt kamen

Tmm, it’s been planed for some days and discussed in the forum, so here’s the first shot, which looked more like a semi oder somewhat like a modular GUI:

Ok, this is Bazille (Bacteria)..


Thema anzeigen – tease: u-he Vorläufer Berlin Modular Alpha angekündigt… • Sequencer Synthesizer Forum

maybe Urs checked out a Cwejman S2 ?

and a simpler concept called ACE, vitamins? not sure. but a different one:

Well, it developed and it went more and more classic and ended up like this: And don’t think of Urs being a simple guy, he thinks twice so be careful about this as „another softsynth of the more simple league“ or finally „another 60€ synth booming“..


Zebra has also been underrated for a long time, so..

here’s the features

– 2 x LFO (1 sine, 1 sine/tri/saw/sqr) 0Hz – 20kHz
– 2 x ADSR (same as Bazille)
– 2 x VCO (saw/pwm) 0Hz – 20kHz, VCO1 with SubOsc
– 2 x VCF (almost same as Bazille, but only two outlets: LP1/LP2/LP3/LP4, HP/BP/BR)
– 2 x VCA/Pan
– 2 x Multiples (as in Bazille)
– 1 x Mixer (Osc balance, Sub, Noise, Aux)
– 1 x Ramp Generator (up->hold->down->rest, loops if rest < 100)
– 1 x noise (white, pink)
– 1 x the common extras, such as Glide/Glide2
– 1 x stereo chorus (global)
– 1 x ping pong delay (global)
– 1 x Bass/Treble booster (global)

25 signal sources, 30+ signal targets, some paths wired internally so that it makes noise even without a single cable attached (think ARP 2600).

100% free of Supersaw. Instead it has:

– exceptional sync /w FM (VCO1->VCO2, think Virus)
– LFOs that can be used as additional VCOs an vice versa
– exceptional filter sound including convincing self oscillation

and some audio

konnte mich heute nicht mehr zurückhalten und habe mal ein paar Sounds zusammengeschmissen: (wie zuvor, aber ohne Trommeln)

Außerdem noch ein quickie mit lauter, uhm, „Zitaten“:

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