Urs Heckmann Zebra 2 Synth.

Preview version available for Audio Units, VST Mac & Win ( Additive, Wavetable, Subtractive, PD, PM, FM )
-Synthesis with Mod Matrix
Urs Heckmann

zebra 2

by www.u-he.com
Synthesis Grid: 4 x Oscillator, seems all OSCs can be routed freely in the matrix, so it is in fact also a 4 OP FM synth…
* 16 editable wavetables/curves
* additive or graphical wavetable generation (4 modes)
* single, dual, quad modes
* Sync and PWM for any waveform
* 2 special oscillator effect sections, 17 types each
* normalization
* mix and panning
* Resolution controls modulation accuracy vs. cpu hunger

4 x Filter * 18 types * includes phasers, formant filters and analog modelled lowpass filters

4 x FM Oscillators * FM by input from any other module in the signal chain
* FM by self (feedback) * Amplitude Modulation mode (AM) * alternative FM using a lowpass filter on iput signal * mono or stereo operation with pan, mix and width

2 x Noise Generator * White, Pink, Digital, Crackles * 2 built in filters to vary the noise generation * mono or stereo operation with pan, mix and width

2 x Comb Filter Comb filters are short delay lines with a feedback path. They can be used for flanging effects or spectral mangling of sound. The feedback can cause self oscillation. When played „in tune“ with some damping, comb filters provide a vast source of „alive“ sounds. This is often used as a building block for digital models of natural instruments such as strings and wind instruments.

* 5 modes with different types of feedback networks
* up to 4 comb filters in the network
* PreFill function initializes delay buffers with noise
* frequency independent feedback
* damping and waveshaping of feedback signal
* control of delay time ratios
* alternative input point for some types (Flavour)

2 x Ring Modulator
2 x Shaper * currently just one soft saturation mode (work in progress…) * Edge parameter for band selective waveshaping, leaving treble untouched * Depth parameter for mode specific variations (i.e. asymmetry)

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