Moog Voyager XL – 5 Octave Version with built-in expansion + ribbon controller

„Moog Voyager XL – it’s real (confirmed): September 8th, 2010, „Apparently real – not a Photoshop thing“ – Price will be $4995 Official Moog release date given as November 2010. Likely actual ship date is December 2010. there is a ribbon controller! “ says

…“ It seems more like a standard Voyager + VX351 + CP251 + MF107 + ribbon controller “

via Sequencer Synthesizer Forum • Thema anzeigen – Voyager XL.

to jump in here this looks strange for a monophonic synths a bit too large keyboard, but quite „modular“ approach for special interest users, but where to put these exept in front of your Buchla playing the LPG „Buchla Bongo“ kind of sounds? huh?

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