Apple WWDC starts.. news on Tuesday expected?

the WWDC – Apple Developer conference starts on Monday – we expect some „one more thing“ stuff to come – the rumours pages still try to think (differently?).. a new 32GB non-rotating UMPC? the successor of Logic, so to say Logic 8 – 2.0? a new iMac design? Leopard News? or only some iPhone stuff for us ppl only? aaand will Mr. Jobs kick the Minimac? I’d happy about the UMPC Mac – if you like check Sandisks 32GB Flash-Disc.. Maybe there’s hope to get rid of the old Harddiscs to become solid memory.. aaand for us musicians: I believe Apple wanted to show the „Logic successor“ in the Musikmesse Frankfurt, they had 4 booths ordered and went back to 1 small booth very late, maybe just for having the man power for the iPhone (sad story in a dark world..)

the nice shot here is from mathoov’s flickr account..

note: there is not too much to expect on the WWDC, mostly Software, a bit of Leopard – possibly release of Leopard but delivery in October but almost no new Hardware.. we never know, the switch to Intel was announced at WWDC first.. so maybe they plan iHouses or iCars? but without windows™ – of course – but with bootcamp..

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