Xils Lab Effect Le Masque – delay special „zones“ in an audio stream

Xils Lab is known for their Synthesizers modeled after classic synthesizers, here’s a new one – a stereo delay – the special thing with is (hence the name):

this delay only acts on some sections, others that are „masked“ will NOT have the delay on, most of it is based on rhythm and time signature and a sort of sequencer to get it all done. delays are of course modulated etc. there are envelopes as well, so this is about a very controlled automated delay with some „intelligence“.

• True stereo signal path (with independent right and left delay).
• MIDI Sync and Stereo Link (delay modes).
• Sync grid zone (with up to eight custom masks, each with independent length and level). • One multimode filter (zero-delay, self-oscillating, feedback design with drive).
• Two independent envelopes (loop-able ADSR and AR with three trigger modes).
• One synchronisable multi-waveform LFO (with three reset options).
• Snap-to-grid function (to quantise mask locators on musical values).
• Swap masked/unmasked function (in realtime).
• Four clock modes (DAW, FIX,TAP temp, IN).
• Realtime temp analysis function (for live performance).

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