5.12.2015 s'Hertogenbosch, De Toonzaal Modular Meeting

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    Habe das geschickt bekommen und finde es würdig hier bekannt zu geben:
    Der Kollege spricht keine Deutsch, also dann seinen Text..

    Modular synthesizer meeting at the De Toonzaal, 's Hertogenbosch - The Netherlands

    De Toonzaal has recently opened a very special electronic analog studio, which has the purpose of setting up workshops and residences.
    This studio is public and wants to create a centre for high quality knowledge and material for electronic music.
    This is why we celebrate on 5 december our first cooperation with Modlab, with a modular synthesizer meeting and several performances.

    Modlab is a SDIY collective based in 's Hertogenbosch that focusses on building eurorack and lunetta's.

    -Modular synthesizer meeting
    -Presentation electronic studio by Hans Kulk
    -Vocoder en pitch-to-voltage converter demonstration by Paul van Twist
    -DIY corner with Noise! Synth workshop by Martijn Verhallen

    Performances: (starting from 20:00)
    -Niels Broos

    Modular visuals by De Oplichters

    De Toonzaal
    Prins Bernhardstraat 4-6
    's Hertogenbosch
    The Netherlands

    Sign in:
    reverse.landfill ÄÄTTT gmail PUUUNKT com
    If you mention what you will bring, i'll make a gearlist!

    more info on the studio:
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    cool, aber arg kurzfristig :/