5U Rules!

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  1. Hi all!

    I just occasionally lurk here because I don't speak German and often reading the browser translations are painful but I thought some of you would enjoy my latest piece because you can see my whole 5U modular at one in it. Let me know if you have questions about my system.


    src: https://youtu.be/2FGxt76OmXg
  2. mink99

    mink99 ..

    I enjoyed your music very much as it shows a "musical" use of the modules and not the usual "blip bang tweep pfft" . Therefore I agree to 5U rules :supi:
    And I greatly appreciate that you wrote the word" rules " correctly without a "Z" :phat:
  3. Thank you for the kind words, mink99! :adore:

    And, I almost did use a 'z' but, I was worried it would cause problems for someone using a translator! :supi:
  4. Very nice and sentimental - music and video!

    I like the calm "hand-in-pocket" approach as opossed to the nervous knob-twiddling many Euro-users show ;-)
  5. Jörg

    Jörg |||||

    Great! Which sequencers were you using?
  6. tomk

    tomk .....

    Nice sentimental Stuff, and a nice Synthwall. :supi:
  7. emdezet

    emdezet ..

    Beautiful, yet so soulshakingly sad.
  8. weinglas

    weinglas Tube-Noise-Maker

    Always been a fan of your great work! And this is no exception :phat:

    BUT: IMHO 4U rules :lollo:
  9. thank you for posting it here, such a beautiful&touching piece
  10. shiroiyuki

    shiroiyuki .....

    Cool track, like it very much! :supi:

    How much did you spend for all the cases? :lollo:
    Looks pretty cool and very mobile :)
  11. dislo

    dislo ..

    nice modular composition. i like when machines are crying.
    but i think the good chordy-arpeggio-sequencing is the key of this piece, doesnt depends on 5u imho. :)
  12. Cirklon Sequentix .. ? steht doch im Rack :floet:
  13. Jörg

    Jörg |||||

    Ich kenn mich doch nicht aus...
  14. Really Cool composition, and I must agree, 5U is (next to buchla) the best format.
    Don't you think that you need a white panel for the Zeroscillator? It looks a bit odd between all the Modcan stuff.
  15. ich mich auch nicht .. lol
    ich lese halt viel im forum

    Der Circlon ist das Teil im linken unteren Rack mit den weissen Knöpfen und dem dunkelblauen Display
    Kann natürlich sein dass John noch andere Trigger benutzt ;-)

    NICE TRACK :supi:
  16. Bernie

    Bernie Alien

    a wonderful Sound -great Song!
  17. psicolor

    psicolor Busfahrer und Bademeister

    Keepin one Hand in your trousers when working with electronic equipment is of course just a safety precaution for the case of an electric shock ;-)
  18. Thank you all for your nice and fun comments! :cool:

    The main sequencer used for this was the Moon Modular 569! :supi: No Cirklon used at all here.

    Modcan 53B clock feeds the Moon 554 Octal Clock divider. Four of the outputs from the 554 go to the Moon 568 trigger sequencer in 4x32 mode and each of the 4 trigger outputs of the 568 step the 569 in 4x8 mode. A fifth output of the 554 goes to the sync input of the Modcan 73B dual delay. The 569 sends CV and gates to 4 separate simple MOTM voices: 300 VCO saw out, 800 EG and 1/2 190 VCA each, no VCFs used on the individual voices at all! :shock: The VCA outputs go to my custom panel that interfaces with a Roland M-120 line mixer and the panel has mute switches on it, that's what you see me turning on and off. The other things I adjust during the piece: the filter resonance of the 73B dual delay and the rate/speed of the Strymon Mobius effects pedal.

    I posted a lot about this piece on Muff's but more about the thought process and my personal emotional state and inspiration.

    Thanks fort listening everyone! :)
  19. Jörg

    Jörg |||||

    I was afraid you would be saying that.
    Quite expensive, this Moonmodular stuff. But I´m sure they´re worth it.