Akai MPC-1000 - JJOS2xl

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    seit eben online: JJOS2xl

    the function changed and added from OS2 is as follows.

    1. Track velocity % and Filter 2 exist in OS2XL. Moreover, change of a track can be performed during recording.

    2. "Strength" was added to Timing Correct.

    3. Wait for key

    4. "CHORD" function is added.

    5. "EQH" and "EQL" are added to a filter. (EQH = Equalizer High, EQL = Equalizer Low)

    6. Rearranging the Sequences

    7. The improvement of name editing.
    Cursor is moved to the last or first of a name, by the [SHIFT]+ right or a left cursor key.

    8. The improvement of a main screen. (A setup of Q-Link can be performed on a main screen.)

    9. The improvement in grid mode

    10. The improvement of Global Program Edit

    11. The improvement of a Input thru screen

    12. Customize of MAIN and NUMERIC key

    13. The color selection option of track mute is added. (Track mute mode)

    14. Regardless of the position of cursor, change of a track can be performed in a [MODE]+ DATA wheel. (In all the modes)

    15. Bars loop. (During playback or recording, the loop can perform from the present bar to arbitrary bars.)

    16. ALL PAD and A BAR are added to ERASE in real time.

    17. It is a Level addition to NORMALIZE. (TRIM)

    18. Screen change of "Real Time Pitch Shift"

    19. Arpeggiator

    20. The pad of the target of a SIMULT PAD is also recorded.

    21. The ZERO CROSS key was added to the "Joint" window of TRIM.

    22. "Pad event move to other track" window addition

    There is not Q-REAL of a grid.
    There is no mixer automation.
    Q- Link can be set only to an active track. (It cannot be set as a pad)
    There is not "Extra Audio Play".
    A note variation does not work except the screen of MAIN, SLIDER, TRACK MUTE, and NEXT SEQ.
  2. habs gestern getestet
    nicht schlecht, etwas gewoehnungsbeduerftig wenn man mit os2 schon sehr zufrieden war
    die erstellten programme sind leider nur teils 1 zu 1 kompatibel da die ein oder andre funktion geaendert ist, so zb bei den q reglern

    alles in allem bin ich ziemlich erstaunt und sehr gespannt was da noch kommt, mit dem original os hat dies gar nix mehr zu tun, das system ist imho sehr offen
  3. motone

    motone |

    Erstaunlich... und erschreckend, dass Akai anscheinend nicht fähig ist, auch nur einen Teil dieser Funktionen in das Original-OS zu integrieren.

    Ich wünschte, JJ hätte auch den Quellcode des MPC500-OS mitgehen lassen... ;-)
  4. Was ist die "Chord" Funktion?
  5. denbug

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    Wer tauscht meine vollausgebaute 2kXL gegen ne schwarze 1K? :)
  6. leg ne 303 drauf dann kommen wer ins geschaeft ;-)
  7. denbug

    denbug -

    nee, die behalt' ich :)