Any patch tips for the Cwejman S1 ?

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  1. tompisa

    tompisa ...

    HI, I am still in a ramp up scenario with the S1. I am impressed about the fat thick sound , but I would like to go on now with patching.

    The simple things are done, but now I am looking for some complex patches. Can someone help me or just send some text examples how I have to patch my S1 to get crazy , but musical sounds ?

    thanks a lot !!
  2. HPL

    HPL .

    try to give it a rythmic pattern on midichanel +1 (gate2/trigger2) and put env2 on the vca. now you have a nice mono arpreggiator. i do a lot of this things since i had the idea to try this. and dont forget to switch trigger 2 to the midi+1 channel