Arne Nordheim - Solitaire

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    Arne Nordheim - Solitaire

    Arne Nordheim, born in Norway in 1931, studied music at the Oslo Academy of Music. He is the author of many works, both instrumental and electro-acoustic ("Catharsis"), and isopn e of a number of foreign composers invited to work at the Experimental Studio of the Polish Radio.

    SOLITAIRE is Nordheim's second composition. It was realised in 1969 for the opening of a Museum of Contemporary Art in Oslo and was originally intened to be accompanied by light projection. AThe sound material - very varied at the outset - forms a genereal atmosphere that is at once mysterious and brilliant adn in wich the impression of spatial depth plays an important role. The open construction makes use of alternations and returns of elements that are contrasted dynamically, in tessitura and above all in quality.


    Around 1970 Philips had its own recordlabel (as well as its own electronic studio, btw) and it released a series of records with state of the art electronic and electro-acoustic music which were all encased in a shiny silver sleeve. The series was called: Prospective 21e Siecle.
    Currently these releases are well sought by collectors of ancient electronic music.
    One of these release was a box with 4 records, each presenting the latest or the best of 4 electronic music studios: Utrecht, Warsaw, Paris and Tokyo.

    Because this box is very hard to find - it is for sale on the web for $ 1,000!! - and I think it really presents the best of the electronic music from that time I present it here.

    I have recorded these albums with an Ortofon stylus and a Technics SL1200. The recordings have been input into a computer. I have declicked the recording and applied very mild noise reduction. As a result it is still audibly a vinyl recording. However I prefer this over the scraping away of frequencies that are part of the composition. All files are converted to 192 kb/s VBR mp3 files. JS

    Electronic Panorama - Warsaw:

    Electronic Panorama - Utrecht:

    Electronic Panorama - Tokyo:

    Electronic Panorama - Paris:
  2. Arne Nordheim halte ich für völlig unterschätzt bzw. für nicht bekannt genug. Ich habe nicht nur die oben abgebildete Box, sondern auch andere seiner Platten aus den 60ern und 70ern.
    1000 Dollar halte ich allerdings für übertrieben - für 100-200 Euro müsste man inzwischen ein gutes Exemplar der Box auftreiben können, die Preise haben auch leicht nachgegeben durch ebay und co.

    Ich schreibe übrigens momentan eine Artikelreihe über die Prospective-Serie von Philips. Teil 1 ist in analog aktuell 1/07 erschienen, Teil 2 kommt in der Ausgabe 3/07.