detailed comments on Parallel Worlds-FAR AWAY LIGHT third cd



hello all, :)
here is Roel Steverink's (a reviewe

hello all, :)
here is Roel Steverink's (a reviewer for many well-known EM magazines) detailed comments (track by track) on the third cd album from Parallel Worlds:

"1. Lifecircles is a good start. It's dark, lively with nice bell sounds, mysterious effects. You inventiveness in the rhythm department is also admirable. There are enough twists and turns to make it exciting through out. Finally excellent arrangment. Great piece.
2. Musique Electronique Part 1. Combination of Kraftwerk and DM. Nice but not special. I don't know, meaby I have problems with the combination of strict Kraftwerkish
drum beat and floating strings.
3. Musique Electronique Part 2. Much better, due to the strong floating melody? Nice those human esque voices. I like the DM-kind of effects after two minutes and certainly the dark slabs. Overall Good one.
4. Dreamstate. A real pearl. Very fantastical beginning. This reminds me of the music Maurice Jarre made for the Sci Fi movie Dreamscape. It fascinates through out.
Everything in the right place. Sublime effects!!!
5. Borrowing time from God. Nice, but still a bit boring, too much repeat of the dark played notes.
6. Far away light. Now this is what I call a jewel!!! It shines in every respect. Strange melody lines capture effortlessly the attention and mood of the listener. Superb arrangment. Very emotional too, real surging this piece.
7. Soulgates. Damn! This is far too short!!! Could have been the beginning of a real grand opus.
8. Misty Journey. Dreamstate reprise. It develops real quick in an emotional burner! And then...yes, the best melodie of the whole album can be heard! This so good and yet can be heard so little! And o yes I like the those pure electronic effects near the end!!!
9. Expectations. If this could be and I only mean the atmosphere here of course could be a taste of your upcoming ambient album... This is without doubt my favourite track from the album. It stays so dark in atmosphere and soundwise fascinates like an ancient enigma.
10. Fading Memories. And is it then possible to go wrong with the closer? No, I don't think so. Even good old mellotron pops up and places this right halfway the 70s, well for a moment cause the base line and rhythm are more modern. I only think it doesn't hold the whole 16 minutes. "

of course, this new third cd album can be bought direct from the Shima Records website ( ) and, very soon, from,, tower records and also as a mp3 download from apple's i-tunes, yahoo! music, and many other legal mp3 download sites.
best regards, :)
hello, :)
ok, here is a synth anatomy of the FAR AWA

hello, :)
ok, here is a synth anatomy of the FAR AWAY LIGHT album:

track1 LIFECIRCLES: starting effects from the A196 PLL module of the A100 modular. starting synth <a href="">Sequencer</a>uence using the A107 morphing filter module, drums from Electribe R processed with my Doepfer A100, other synth <a href="">Sequencer</a>uences from the A100, bell sounds from the Technosaurus Selector Modular(using the Octal Subharmonic Oscillator module), bass from Technosaurus Selector Modular, lead sound from the Korg Trident mk1 processed thru Macbeth Moroco filtebank and sampled in my Roland S750, some other harp-like sounds from the Yamaha FS1r, probably korg MS20 / SQ10, Analogue Systems RS-Integrator Modular...

track2 MUSIQUE ELECTRONIQUE 1: strings from Roland JP8000, drums from Nord Micromodular, Other pad sounds from fs1r, bass from SH101, Korg Monopoly, synth effects Yamaha CS15, CS5, korg Wavestation, lead synth from Waldorf Pulse plus, NI Generator.

track3 MUSIQUE ELECTRONIQUE 2: choir processed thru the Nord Micromodualr. Choir samples from my akai S950, synth lead from FS1r, synth effects from Yamaha CS15, CS5, drums from Nord Lead rack1, bass from Akai AX80, noise sound from SH101, TG77, TX216.

track4 DREAMSTATE: drums TR-606 processed thru my nord Micromodular, water drops <a href="">Sequencer</a>uence from Doepfer A100 Modular, other <a href="">Sequencer</a>uence from SH101, other sounds from Nord Lead rack1, synth sound from FS1r, other bass <a href="">Sequencer</a>uence from MS10, main bass sound from SH2, other synth <a href="">Sequencer</a>uence from Monopoly, strings from JP8000. korg minipops drum loop sample(made by me on emax2 from my korg minipops 120p) processed thru electribe A.

track5 BORROWING TIME FROM GOD: Wavestation, lead synth from FS1r, CS15, CS5, pad from JP8000, Monopoly, MS10, drums from Nord Micromodular, second bass from SH2.

track6 FAR AWAY LIGHT: starting effects from Nord Micromodular, FS1r, JP8000, CS15, CS5, SH2, noise bass from SH101, synth effects from Monopoly, MS2000r, drums from Nord Lead rack1, Wavestation pad, NI Generator strings, lead from Waldorf Pulse plus, e-piano sounds from Nord Micromodular.

track7 SOULGATES: synth effects from Waldorf Pulse plus, FS1r, Monopoly, Nord micromodular pad, MS10 effects.

track8 MISTY JOURNEY: FS1r, drums from nord Micromodular, Monopoly, SH101, SH2, Nord Lead rack1, NI Generator (reaktor's ancestor) for some strings, lead synth from Waldorf Pulse plus, bass from Akai AX80,

track9 EXPECTATIONS: drums from korg Electribe R, more synth <a href="">Sequencer</a>uences and effects from Electribe A, strings from JP8000, bass from Monopoly, or SH101?, vocoded narration from Nord Micromodular vocoder sampled to my roland S750 sampler, FS1r, TG77, ending bass from Doepfer A100 Modular, fm e-piano from Nord Micromodular, noisepad from MS2000r, more strings from NI Generator.

track10 FADING MEMORIES: synth effects from Nord Micromodular, mellotron strings samples sampled from old "the mix" magazine sample cd's in my Emu Emax2. drums from Electribe R, noise bass from SH101, processed choir via the Electribe R from Akai S950, processed Oberheim Matrix-6r, FS1r vocal sounds, other noise <a href="">Sequencer</a>uence from Nord Micromodular, probably korg MS2000r, Nord Lead rack1, guitar sound at start from fs1r, laser effect sounds from JP8000.

that's all I can remember... most of these tracks are from 2000 and 2001.
best regards, :)