hi all,i have a jupiter8 the rev.1 without midi and dcn,now i'd need an oc-8 interface ,wich is a small kit that linked to the jupiter 8 permits to link this to a roland md8.
and there are the kenton and studio electronics kit.
what about'
does someone knows for help me?
The first series Jupiter 8 don´t have DCB afaik.

What is the oc-8 interface?
the oc8 was something they did in the earlier models, I believe it is hard to get a nice interface for that..

you are right, the dcb interface will not help here..
the se is ok and groove electronics one seems no longer available..

so, finally you might go for the kenton,
hmm.. I do not remember if SE had one kit that can be fit into the Jps case, so you do not need external boxes..

it's such a long time when the groove electronics thing was talked often..

there are 2 people I'd ask:
1) kevin lightner - www.synthfool.com
2) Achim Lenzgen - http://sequencer.de/synth/index.php/Synthesizer_Repair Reparatur-Service Liste

I am sure they know the best solutions for TODAYs http://www.sequencer.de/roland/roland_jupiter_promars.html Jupiter s

maybe interesting ,too:
from Rudi Linhards site.. thats the groove elec. kit..
possibly you can get one, the address is in the pdf..

nice SOS article:
http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/feb98/a ... piter.html
jupiter 8 help

<the se is ok and groove electronics one seems no longer available..

hi,thx for reply,but what is se??
you posted me a dcb converter,but already have a roland md8,so i'd don't need it.
teh alternative is to midify,encore electronics make these retrofits,why you say encore is no longer available?
se = studio electronics.

encore is available, I wasn't sure on groove electronics retrofit kit..
the DCB stuff: I noticed later that it is not so important, so just ignore .. I kept it for other Jp8 users that may need the info..

depends also where you are..

imo it is a better thing to have a full midi kit , there is not such a cool thing like europa (http://www.sequencer.de/roland/roland_jupiter_promars.html Jupiter 6) available .. but I'd go for the midi retro kit..

the ocb and dcb can at least not support more than those interfaces can do..

so I'd go for a real mod, you may have to send it in or at least need some skills to DIY but to me it'S the better one..

not sure atm which is the BEST.. if i remember correctly the kenton one is not much more then just the standards..

the groove electronics one can also be routed to some parameters to be controlled by midi.. but only a hand full..
(see the pdf link)
but studio electronics make these interfaces too?
i think encore electronic is the better one,groove electronic has defunct.
i'm contatting encore electronic but they don't answer....holiday???
i think i'll put it on by myself if there's a scheme,i think is not too much difficult...i hope...
does europa exist for jupiter 8 too?
jupiter 8 help

hi moog,just oe thing,i asked you about studio electronics,but do they built these retrofit or you mystaked with encore electronics?
I am not sure who STILL do it..
I did not check that..

the most common one was the groove electronics kit.
did you check them (the address is in the pdf)..

not sure about SE and encore..

encore does this:
Pitch Bend, Patch Change, MIDI-Volume, split channel (midi x2),SysEx + Porta, cutoff via Xpression..
is that ok??.. if so go for the encore one..
they released it in the 90ies.. so it might still be available..

se, do they have a ju8 kit ?? I don't think so..

so I know of these 2.. maybe kenton (ext.)
jupiter 8 help

well...seems incredible,i write to encore electronic...but none answer...but their site is online and it seems they're still at work...does somenone knows??

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