Marion Systems MSR-2


da gerade von Fichotron ein MSR-2 angeboten wird, hab


da gerade von Fichotron ein MSR-2 angeboten wird, habe ich mich mal ein bißchen auf die Suche gemacht und folgende Tipps gefunden.

Ich poste die mal hier, da man ja nie weiss, wie lange eine Info im Netz bleibt:

From: Synth80s ( [EMAIL REMOVED] )
Date: Jul 27, 2004
Subject: RE: [AH] Marion MSR-2 Problem (longish) - RESOLVED!

Hi Josh (and all),

I replaced the battery in the MSR-2 chassis this evening, and the unit
seems to be storing patches and saving it's system / SuperPatch settings
fine. Altogether now: PHEW!!! =20

A few notes for those wanting to switch the battery:

1) The battery required is a single 3V CR2032 and it's in a
socket. It's difficult to get it out without bending back the retaining
spring arm on the socket, so exercise caution. I just happened to have
a new battery (well, a two year old new one), so I used it. I figure
the original lasted about 10 years, so another 7-8 or so years should be

2) Don't bother taking out the ASM because the sole battery is
in the MSR-2 "mainframe" chassis -- just take out the ~10 screws on the
bottom of the unit, remove the bottom clamshell cover and the battery
will immediately be visible.

3) If your device keeps resetting it's system settings (mixer,
EQ, MIDI channel, etc.) when you power cycle it, you need to edit and
save your desired settings to the first SuperPatch, #0. Once you edit
the SuperPatch and save it, your system settings will be stored again,
and life will be good again.

SoundDiver: I'm using version 3.0.5 on a PC. The trick is, you need to
add both the MSR-2 and ASM modules to your SoundDiver config as each is
addressed separately, even if they share the same MIDI port and channel.
There is a separate module for the ProSynth in SoundDiver. As much as
SoundDiver has been a frustrating piece of software and largely a waste
of money for me up to this point, I have to say that the ability to
recover my long-developed patches has justified the $200 I spent on the
program a few years back.

Again, I love this synth, and might consider adding another ASM board if
I could find one. I really wish these had done better in the
marketplace for their own sake and for Tom's (who deserves it more?). I
mean, how many other 1U, 16 voice (with 2 ASMs) VCA/VCF synths are out
there? And did I mention the mod matrix? Ok, I'll shut up....


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Ist ein wirklich netter Synth! Meiner hat zwar ein etwas bug

Ist ein wirklich netter Synth! Meiner hat zwar ein etwas buggiges OS (scheinbar nicht die letzte Version) und die Editierung per Hand macht dir einen schönen Tennisarm (ich "liebe" die Data-Encoder), aber dennoch habe ich mich bis jetzt nicht von dem MRS-2 trennen können.
Er klingt einfach sehr speziell, nicht so "voll" wie mein Matrix 1000, viel "feiner".
wer noch ein paar Vergleichslisten will: matrixx <-- und

wer noch ein paar Vergleichslisten will: matrixx <-- und Marion