Mixing Vocals, tipps and tricks, please feedback!

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  1. Caine

    Caine .

    sorry aber ich wollte nicht alles übersetzen, ich hoffe es ist ok englisch? :)

    ok i tried to show step by step what im doin and im NO PRO! thats why i ask and post it here to check if you got some tips for me, also i know that all vocals arent the same to edit but i try to have this for an overall example, i cannot put up the audiosample yet as it was not approved yet.

    1. take the mixed and mastered instrumental and put it in FL Studio and adjust the BPM to the instrumental.


    2. check the mixer and turn off the FL Limiter.


    3. add all the vocal tracks, for example the first verse


    4. give each audiofile a channel in the mixer


    5. effect the mainvocal and other vocals with those plugins and settings:


    Compressor (Optocompressor for more fullness):

    - Input around 10 dB
    - Ratio around 2:1 - 4:1
    - Attack around 12 ms
    - Release around 30 ms
    - Compression 10
    - Output around -2dB


    - cut away mostly everything under 100 Hz
    - higher around 1 - 1,5 KHz around 2-3dB more clarity/highs
    - higher around 500 - 700 Hz around 2-3dB more thickness


    - only 1-5 % in the mix

    6. adjust the vocalvolumes


    one thing i also wanted to ask is that you can see, there is no peaking/over 0dB with just the instrumental, but when the vocals are all activated then it's overpeaking but all vocals are under 0dB, what shall i do?
  2. Dimi

    Dimi .

    Hi, vocals add frequencies to the instrumental and overlaping frequencies add loudness to the overall loudness level.
    If the instrumental is slightly under 0db and you put more sound to it then it will get over 0db and therefore start clipping.
    What you need is more headroom or a limiter on the master track.
    You can get more headroom if you start with the instrumental @ -6db for example.

    The better way imo would be to mix everything with the vocals and then master the track.
    Just start with the unmastered elements and put everything together. Leave enough
    headroom while mixing.