mos-lab midi interface

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  1. gibt es midi interfaces für mos-lab module, und kann man mos-lab module mit eurorack modulen kombinieren?

  2. ja & ja - Ich habe ein System 8A und die anbindung erfolgt über ein Doepfer 190-3
  3. JohnLRice

    JohnLRice ...

    The Moon Modular 551 MIDI to CV is a very nice module and will fit in your Mos-Lab case.
    From the site: "The modules work with supply voltages of -15/+15 Volts. They can be adapted to Moog standard (-6/+12 Volts) or to -12/+12 Volts as custom order - please ask us."

    If you want an external MIDI to CV box the Kenton Pro series is highly regarded: ... solo.shtml