Mutable Instruments - Streams

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gestern hat olivier gillet aka mutable instruments bei modular square vier neue module vorgestellt. eines davon ist streams - ein vielseitiges verstaerker-und-filter-modul:


von der produktseite:

Streams provides two channels of extremely flexible signal dynamics manipulation.

Each channel consists of an analog voltage-controlled filter and amplifier (VCFA). The response curve of the amplifier section is continuously variable from exponential to linear. The amplifier gain is directly controllable from a CV input, through an attenuator. But what makes Streams truly unique is the multi-purpose EXCITE input. The signal routed to this input is analyzed by a micro-controller and translated into internal control voltages for the VCFA, turning Streams into a very versatile signal contouring tool.
229€ – 12 HP

mehr info gibts im online-handbuch.
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versteckter 'easter egg' moduls in streams: ein lorenz-attraktor:

to enter, either:

press Channel 1’s button
press Channel 2’s button
press the Meter button
long-press Channel 2’s button (more than a second)

and repeat these 4 steps for 4 times


Channel 1 button.
Channel 2 button.
Channel 1 button (long press).
Channel 2 button (long press).

... 4 times.

In other words, a complete cycle through all modes (red and green version) on all channels.

Once in this mode:

SHAPE controls the rate (value of the time step) and is CV-controlled by EXCITE.
AMOUNT controls whether amplitude or cutoff frequency are modulated.

You can use it to make a CV/audio signal “wobble”, or when nothing is patched into the input, you get a random source. It’s a very pleasing smooth modulation source!

(quelle: zusammengestellt aus mehreren beitraegen im mutable instruments forum)
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Press the channel 1 or 2 mode button to set this channel back to the normal function. It’s still possible to keep the easter egg running on one channel while another channel is in one of the 4 standard modes, and it’ll be saved in memory when the module is powered off/on again.