"Pressure" Analog Live Jam Session

Dieses Thema im Forum "Your Tracks" wurde erstellt von Mick von Tiefengrund, 11. Februar 2014.

  1. src: http://soundcloud.com/tiefengrund/pressure-live-analog-jam

    Silvie von Tiefengrund: Analogue E-Drums Vermona DRM1 MKIII triggert by the e-Drumset, Snare through the Vermona Filter Lancet

    Mick von Tiefengrund: Analog Synthesizers
    Eurorack Modular for sequences,
    Vermona Perfourmer , Doepfer Dark Energy and Korg MS 20 Mini for solo playing.

    Another live performance with my synthesizers and my wife Silvie on the e-drumset.
    The recording and mixing is absolutly live, on one track . No overdubs
    All sequences come from my eurorack modular system.
    There are only 8 and 16 step analog sequencer used.
    The computer is only used for audio recording on one stereo track.
    On the picture you can see the curret patch for this jam session!