"The Secretively World Of The Two Borg And Doctor Octature"

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  1. src: http://soundcloud.com/tiefengrund/the-secretively-world-of-the

    Analog Live Jam Session

    Silvie von Tiefengrund: Analogue E-Drums Vermona DRM1 MKIII triggert by the e-Drumset, Snare through the Vermona Filter Lancet
    Mick von Tiefengrund: Analog Synthesizers
    Eurorack Modular for sequences,
    Vermona Perfourmer , Doepfer Dark Energy and Korg MS 20 Mini for solo playing.

    Another live performance with my synthesizers and my wife Silvie on the e-drumset.
    The recording and mixing is absolutly live, on one track . No overdubs
    All sequences come from my eurorack modular system.
    There are only 8 and 16 step analog sequencer used.
    The computer is only used for audio recording on one stereo track