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  1. aris

    aris .

    Helo,I have a problem with my S50-Roland
    The key velocity is stuck to PEAK.
    Always up, never comes down.Any idea how to fix this?
  2. micromoog

    micromoog Poggio delle Faine ist fein

    Is this Problem only over the internal keys or also remoted by MIDI?
    When the Problem is only with the internal keys you have a hardware-problem with a conector or a contact-wire.

    Did you tried different disks?

    I don't have a S-50, but S-550 and S-330. The Engine is nearly the same.
    At the TVA-Parameters you're able to change the Velocity & the Velocity-Curve. Default is Value "2". If there is 0 (or 1???) then you have fix-velocity-values.
  3. aris

    aris .

    TVA parameter ?

    Hello my friend,thank u very much for your time.
    My problem is both internal and external.
    Also, I cannot find the TVA parameter to assign the velocity.
    Any idea where it is? Under which menu? Edit?Function?
  4. micromoog

    micromoog Poggio delle Faine ist fein

    i don't know the menus at the S50

    Try this:

    Edit->Tone->TVA (maybe its an other Name, the Amp-ENV shoud be in the same menu-page)
  5. Jörg

    Jörg ||||

    The manual says "Envelope CTRL: Level Curve"

    Level Curve 0 means "always max"
    Level Curve 2 means "linear"

    You can download the manual from www.rolandus.com

    Btw., I will move this to the English section.