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  1. aris

    aris -

    Helo,I have a problem with my S50-Roland
    The key velocity is stuck to PEAK.
    Always up, never comes down.Any idea how to fix this?
  2. micromoog

    micromoog |||

    Is this Problem only over the internal keys or also remoted by MIDI?
    When the Problem is only with the internal keys you have a hardware-problem with a conector or a contact-wire.

    Did you tried different disks?

    I don't have a S-50, but S-550 and S-330. The Engine is nearly the same.
    At the TVA-Parameters you're able to change the Velocity & the Velocity-Curve. Default is Value "2". If there is 0 (or 1???) then you have fix-velocity-values.
  3. aris

    aris -

    TVA parameter ?

    Hello my friend,thank u very much for your time.
    My problem is both internal and external.
    Also, I cannot find the TVA parameter to assign the velocity.
    Any idea where it is? Under which menu? Edit?Function?
  4. micromoog

    micromoog |||

    i don't know the menus at the S50

    Try this:

    Edit->Tone->TVA (maybe its an other Name, the Amp-ENV shoud be in the same menu-page)
  5. Jörg

    Jörg ||

    The manual says "Envelope CTRL: Level Curve"

    Level Curve 0 means "always max"
    Level Curve 2 means "linear"

    You can download the manual from www.rolandus.com

    Btw., I will move this to the English section.