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  1. Kann mir jemand gute Internetseiten nennen bei denen Samples zum Download(gratis oder kostenpflichtig) angeboten werden? Ich versuche zwar mir meine Sounds immer selbst zu basteln aber manche Dinge wie vielleicht Umgebungsgeräusche/Jubeln kann man ja mit Synths eher nicht sehr gut nachmachen. :D Und vielleicht gibts ja den ein oder anderen Synthsound der mir auch so gut gefällt das ich auch haben möchte.

    Bis jetzt kenne ich eigentlich nur Wizoo.
  2. Summa

    Summa hate is always foolish…and love, is always wise...

    Sounfonts solltest du im Netz in Massen finden, sind zwar ni

    Sounfonts solltest du im Netz in Massen finden, sind zwar nicht alle gut, dafuer aber meist kostenlos...

    Hier schonmal ein Anfang...
  3. moogulator

    moogulator Admin is Tra(i)tor

  4. escii

    escii ..
    Small collection in mp3 ,
    Small collection in mp3 , not recommended its shill for pay cds
    Some nice zipped packs "free till march" + "", a zebox style community
    Search engine displays direct links to wav downloads
    Extensive synthesizer link site ... worth surfing
    Band website with a few free sounds in wav - garbage
    Around 200 shit quality jungle samples in mp3
    German page , 200 mp3 samples ... who knows ? might find something here
    LOLOL w4tch 7 l33t b4nn3R m0v3 !!!!!11111
    Quality Backdoor , some unique finds in mp3
    Extensive list of original zipped breaks ... Try your luck !
    Drum loops and hits in wav ... looking good ! ... p_central/
    4 breaks from "da junebug" in wav
    Sample Cd shill , a few free wavs ,not worth it
    Community of idiots ... jump through hoops to find a sample
    One of the above idiots' site ... click whats new 3 maxx laffter
    Lots of mp3 stuff if you feel like digging through da pop ups
    Tons of stuff played on rolands vdrums in mp3 , wav , and cel
    Swedish software firm , a few shite dl demos
    Several free "refills", vst info , amongst other items , worth a surf!
    THE Definitive knob twidlla site , awesome forums , you already go here right ?!
    Geoshitt hell , some mp3 samples , links , not worth it
    Network of sites shilling cds ... Avoid
    Pay site ...a few freebs at the bottom
    Meanbeat - worth a look , ul/dl in zip
    Moonmans classic synths ... samples packed in sfark ? wtf ? pop ups
    Extensive hardware links via hypereal
    Pay site , looks like all reason related stuff
    Another reason pay site
    Movie wav files , decent selection with no hassles
    Looks like custom hardware designs
    Extensive lists of mp3 files ... start digging !
    Artist page , full length mp3s to download
    Content ,if you feel like wading through it ? zips
    Coming soon !!!.... free acapellas and samples
    Slim pickins , but check it out .... no hassle direct link
    Speakerboy ... what in the fuck was that
    Sample shack ... check da "catergories"
    Upload/download site ... I found some choice items here
    Mod Archives' waveworld ... some content , zips
    Artist site , Pure class ... check this one out
    Pop up farm with some crap wavs
    Mellotron samples
    Oberheim stuff .... fucking awful site
    Go here if you are a "jurist" .. they seeking you pls kthx
    Slim pickins ... synth stuff in mp3
    Quality samples off of the SF cds ... check this one out
    Sprechen ze deutsche ? huge site ...
    liscensed samples ... 7 to 12 $ per sample... ROFL
    a lot of record reviews and links ... some useful info !
    A unique collection in mp3 format ... classy
    Artists site ... free mp3s
    fanboy site ... standard fare
    Soundblaster brand squat page
    Extensive list of kind records to purchase
    Hi Karate sounds to download
    Blaxploitations' classic break reviews - awesome site
    Big Fish - Look for the free page here
    Nice record shop , rare items , preview features
    Top choice site for that l33t find !
    nice collection of humorous wavs
    small but unique collection of wavs
    l33t old school commercial wavs
    create a wav file from sinusoids !
    30,000 unique midi links ? heh
    Musical nursery rhymes for babies
    hebrew midi files !
    Suspect's d&b production resources
    MovieProp's sound resources detail.asp?categoryID=78
    Film Score Monthly's Links
    World Music Centrals' resource pages
    no telling here .. try out a download , big variety
    Huge , clean site ... looks legit !
    Pay site ... tons o breaks cds
    Drum/Rhythm Track Production Resources ... midi stuff
    Small but quality drums and synths ... NICE ! zips
    Another quality site !!! Huge zipped wav packages of ripe items
    extensive links to sample sites ... lots of surfing here
    some pay , some free , looks like the good stuff here
    WTF @!!! click this ONLY to check your pop up blockers mettle
    pay site ... would you pay ? free dl section good sound quality
    Decent looking link page ...this just might contain some phatty finds
    some rare items in midi
    Another extensive link page ... some freeware stuff @ bottom
    Here it is ... someone put some time into making a quality site
    sign up for teh community. looks gheye
    community. user uploaded materials , decent people
    wtf ? couldnt find anything on here
    weird site. a few free acid related items.
    links to synth/music related books here
    godawful pay site .. avoid
    860 cheeseball sound effects wav files
    Whoa - too good to be true ? anti leech dls
    pay membership - some free samples ... avoid
    peaceful and serene lil chunk of the web ... Ill be returning
    link page ... doesnt look promising
    teh intarnet gr00ve machine !!! halloween breaks ? lol
    wack links + cooking tips + scripz
    More pay to play stuff .. couple demos
    your very own personal orchestra for 249$ demo/samples
    Flash related music loops or something dial up avoid
    Pure comedy - post your stuff, studio buyers are browsing the files
    Links + Mp3 section here
    Didjeridoo resources [in french]
    wise words by cool men movie wavs
    sound resource link site
    terrible german site ... few files , pop ups , avoid
    Pay site - bullshit
    Selling the archives - 4000 + wavs for 40$ = l33t !
    couldnt be arsed to try and figure this trash out
    teh global goon
    Need the amen , apache , or funkydrummer right quick ?
    a few specialty synth wavs here
    heelarious site for knob twiddling novices. tweaked out.
    Small selection in mp3
    Extensive video game music archive - rare items
    TEFOSAV forums - great people here
    Homegrown bass samples - A few fat bombs here !
    Sample webring ...
    Zipped packs and a few free software items
    12.99$ each for liscensed loops ... avoid
    Tapegerm community - ul/dl , cool little site
    hardcore loops - Small mp3 selection , hassle
    Link site + free section , pop ups
    nice little guitar chord chart
    wtf ? 5 cents per loop.
    Online gear superstore - reputable
    Clean , quality site here - reccomended
    Ugly but potentially useful webpage - wav/mp3

    Sonys professional sample line - a few freebies
    Seattle area underground collective
    Dial ups avoid this one
    "MAME" music and movie downloads
    BoingBoings directory - check the archives
    Pay bullshit - lofi samples - garbage
    celebrity soundboard pages
    Mister Buster's UL/DL archives - nice wavs here
    Flash sound resources
    Worth a visit - reggae items in mp3 / wav
    no hassle collection of drum items in wav
    flash hell , dont know what lies beneath
    pay network , avoid
    20 mystery wavs here
    Pay site , only guitar stuff ... mp3 samples
    Dont know what the hell this is ... dial ups avoid
    9 guitar wavs and 5 full lengthers made with them
    pay trash - demo loops
    nothing but bullshit here
    French speakers might find something here
    free previews - junk site, avoid this
    Doo-wop webring
    5 free reggae wavs
    Zipped preview packs - unique items
    German page - reason section - dial ups avoid
    Gargantic clean link page - check this one
    Tinnitus sound generator - vdrum stuff
    a few bizarre musings here
    Bullshit pay site ... some freebies
    homegrown fruity user forums
    l33t guitar tablature site
    Very , very interesting articles on sample origins
    Top choice here - tons of wavs and free reason refills
    4 jungle zip packs
    surfable personal site
    a few unique items here
    breakbeats webring
    "fagcat" mp3 loops ... yikes
    Sample arena mirror i think ... some content here
    Hip Hop directory's link page - surfable
    Some mp3 freebies - who knows ?
    33 free wavs - nice little drum loops
    All the mp2 drum loops you can eat.
    Acid community - worth a look
    some decent free dls here
    multimedia production outfit
    Drum related resource site - junk
    Lots of dead links , but some decent stuff - D&B resources
    "stomper" freeware synth
    database and platform for women in drum&bass
    odd backdoor - .au files ?
    interesting plugins - demos
    extensive dance music resources here
    Useful link site
    Surfable tutorials and samples on this one ...
    shoddy resource page - a few unique links though
    Someones personal site here - music/design stuff
    Crap personal site - mp3 sample of teh twisted 2 step
    alternative news and media ? why is this in here
    Excellent d&b fansite
    Collection of samples in mp3 and wav here
    Trance midi files ...
    Automotive mp3 samples + some other stuff - junk
    Japanese culture backdoor - surfable
    some interesting software demos here
    Vst equalizer - demo version
    Top banana vst site - some must have items on here
    Deepsky's unique zipped packs for download
    Soundblaster enthusiast community - Informative !
    Soundfont soundcard material only here
    Hammersound's tips and tricks site
    Orchard of oddities - lame
    7 sfark packed samples + cubase tips
    Utopia soundfont products
    Yet another shitty soundfont site - blargh
    and another - free .exe soundfont files
    one for the road ...
    superwave softsynth demo
    Hidden Lab d&b resource pages + mp3 downloads
    Belgian site - lots of sets to download + forums
    Extensive reggae resource page - links to some sample sites
    Primesounds - pay site , a few good freebies
    Very informative interviews here
    Junos dance music resources - mp3s of rare stuff
    "Increasing communication amongst musicians"
    Nice "The Simpsons" wav page
    Wizard of Oz wav files here ! SWEET!
    Movie sounds database
    The original still representing
    freeware resources in german
    techno midi files
    English Ceilidh MP3's, WAV's and RA's and AU's
    Extremely useful audio forums
    Computer Music tips & wavs - huge site , top notch
    50 free Sequencer downloads ! no hassles !
    Pitch and timestretching article
    Weird musical projects

    Danke an rob acid für die Links .
  5. moogulator

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    dann h

    dann häng ich den auch mal oben an..
    jetzt haben wie allerdings 2 solche threads..

    hoffe ,das wird nicht mehr.. bitte einfach nette links unten anhängen..
  6. Wow, danke f

    Wow, danke für die vielen Links. Wird ja einige Zeit dauern bis ich alle durchgeschaut habe.
  7. hab jetzt noch keine links angeschaut/angeh

    hab jetzt noch keine links angeschaut/angehört...

    wo gibts eigentlich tierstimmen/geräusche ?
  8. [quote:e47006a67c=*klangraum*]wo gibts eigentlich tierstimme

    die gibts hier
  9. Deusi

    Deusi Silberrücken

    [quote:a96df91b1c=*klangraum*]hab jetzt noch keine links ang
  10. moogulator

    moogulator Admin is Tra(i)tor

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