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Synclavier Digital Corporation (SDC) recently introduced two iOS apps, that turn your iPad or iPhone into a Synclavier synthesizer.

Synclavier Go! (for iPad) and Synclavier Pocket! (for iPhone and iPod Touch) re-create the original Synclavier II FM Synthesis engine, with a touch-screen interface inspired by the original hardware. The Synclavier DSP Engine – used by Arturia in its Synclavier V product line – is a faithful recreation of the FM- and Additive-Synthesis functions of the original instrument.

This video tutorial, via redskylullaby, takes a look at getting started with the Synclavier apps and custom sound design.

Topics covered:

0.30 Sound Architecture
1.01 Harmonic Envelope, Additive Synth and Frames
2.24 Loading Partial Timbres
3.09 Expression, Pitch, Vol and Pan Modulation
5.30 Partial Copy/Paste
5.45 Volume, FM and Intonation Panel
6.15 FM Harmonic Envelope
7.36 Arpeggio and Repeat
8.15 Selecting Multiple Partials for group edit

Pricing and Availability

The Synclavier iOS apps are available now in the iOS App Store.

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