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Check out SYSTEMVIRUS, a 2-man-EBM-band.
They released their first CD in 2006, which was sold out in less than one year!
They currently working on their third Album coming up at the end of 2008.
Lothar Lammfromm

Lothar Lammfromm

Moogulator schrieb:
Wir können hier auch deutsch ;-)
As far as i know it from their myspace account "CB1" and "O.KREBS" are citizens of the United States of America. Therefore their german language skills could be a bit limited. :)

I really like the track "Systemvirus 2006" even if its missing nough dynamics and something like a song storyline. Hearing this song a second time i find it slightly boring. Their "new" CD is just a re-release. Hmm. If their posting wouldn't be just for promotional purposes it were interesting to hear from <i>trancer</i> if they generally make no use from speechsamples or if they generally avoid singing.

In my humble opionion their music could be improved by the using of distorted speech samples (e.g. a distorted Ann Coulter would sound great - in this kind of music):

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