The BroadWave ARP Clone

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  1. Hi All,

    Just a little project I'm working on...

    Possible chance of building to order, later in the year!

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    looks nice !

  4. HPL

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    wow nice. great job
  5. Moogulator

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    looks ver interesting, do you plan to "sell" those somewhere later or to make a nice DIY project?..

    I put up a post on news..

    seems you "enhanced" it a bit and made it real modular (right?)
    and some pages missing.. I will check back, the envs: you got them both in or did you go for 2 full ADSR here?..

    ok, I read the part you got 2 ADSRs, imo a good idea.. 2 ringmods and a 12dB state variable is in, also..

    what do you think about it's sound compared to the original (hmm ,maybe hard if you never had one?)
  6. Hi Moogulator,

    Thanks for putting this on your blog!

    Yes, I did own a 2600 many years ago, and I can assure you that this sounds very close :P

    Yup, 2 full ADSR's - I actually made the case too small, the power supply won't fit :roll: so I'm expanding the cabinet and adding a further 2 x AR envelopes and an extra oscillator, so the finished synth will end up more as 2 fully patchable Odysseys rather than a 2600 "clone".

    I've still got a few minor problems to sort out - I guess another week and it'll be completed.

    The web site is on-going, and I'm adding more details as and when I can (I only put the basic site up two days ago).

    This is actually a prototype, a bit rough around the edges at the moment, but once I'm happy with the quality, I may seriously consider retailing them... If there's enough interest!


  7. I'll buy one as soon as you've got one ready. Can you ship to the US?
  8. Moogulator

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    if you are ready, let me know.. looks tempting ;-)
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    That´s just what I wanted to say.
  10. agent

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    Some sweet company for Mr. Macbeth :D
    Awesome project. Keep the site updated.
  11. 7ate9

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    i'm interested too :cool:
    how much do you think it will cost?

    now, if only someone could build a clone of the old arp 1601 sequencer...
  12. Moogulator

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    there's a price tag mentioned on the site, but maybe not a final retail price ;-)
    so, I am qrious how it develops..

    let us know, if you are ready.. some audios.. which design of the 2600 did you choose? there were some revisions..
  13. I've looked into the retailing side of things, and it's not looking too good... RoHS and CE compliance looks very complicated, but apparently I *could* get around these problems by selling "Privately" via e-bay or somesuch :)

    I honestly have no idea (at the moment) what I would sell the BroadWave for (certainly not as much as the M5!!) - I've still got quite a bit of work to do and problems to sort out, but I'm seriously pleased with where I am with it so far.

    ARP 1601 - I have the schematics, and it's not to complicated ;-) Maybe, someday...


  14. I hope I haven't given the wrong impression with the term "Clone". This isn't an exact replica (circuit wise) of the 2600.

    I set out to build a synth that was capable of of doing almost anything that the 2600 could do, in a way that felt and sounded "familiar". Because of the stable oscillators and a great sharp sounding filter, I believe I've managed this.

    The problem with the 2600's (and indeed almost any other ARP synth) was that there *were* so many revisions of the filter etc., so there is a distinct difference in sound between the MkI's, MkII's and MkIII's... It's a very subjective topic.

    Because I owned a late MkII model (1977), that's what I've tried to match sonically... I built 4 different 24dB filters before I was happy with the one that is currently in this system (That's why I like Moog filters - at least they were (are) consistant! ;-) ).

  15. 7ate9

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    hi andy, thanks for the info

    one way to get around rohs/ce requirements would be to let people build their own broadwave's if you dont want the hassle of assembling and selling them...

    since its based on mfos pcb's as far as i can read, list which mfos parts to order, write details on any mods you might have made to the circuits and make frontpanel files available for download (schaeffer/frontpaneldesigner?).

    just an idea.. this requires people to bring out their soldering irons...
    anyway looking forward to hear if the whole thing sounds as good as it looks :D
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    sounds awesome and somewhat out of control, i like that! untamed i mean ... i have also fallen in love with that ARP sound ... actually building one is the smartest idea, you should come up with a kit, that includes everything except the soldering and the front panel design. just a generic box, id paint it myself with the old arp font but all handdrawn - sort of how they make things in africa, everything handmade ... just my twopence! lilak
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    Did I mention I´m very fond of cute-looking equipment... now if that isn´t cute-looking I don´t know what is.

    I´d be very curious how they´d compete with each other, side-by-side.

  18. tomcat

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    Nice project!

    Did i understand you correctly? You bought the PCBs from Musicfromouther... or you did them by yourself?

    What about the obsolete parts. Did you use replacements or NOS?

    Oh, if you do the pcbs by yourself pls. consider to make the module pcbs independent, so someone can integrate them in a modular system. Just an idea ;-)

    Btw. how it comes that especially to this thread some (new) international users show up???
  19. emdezet

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    Hey, even the Preset-Users want a word in this :oops:

    I was wondering if the German resident crowd could strike up the suggested bulk order of the fiddly components required. I am pretty new to the board and have missed any DIY projects you folks might have enjoyed before.

    But this one is getting me so hot the Cologne summer rain evaporates right off me. Admittedly, the sleek .mac-site factors into this. The total sum I read on the blog page translates to roughly 600EUR. For this I would sell my trusty Darth Vader helmet and everything except my girl friend.

    What is "The Gemeinschaft"'s take on the whole thing? Is this worth making a major fuss about? Bulk order of the boards and the components? Shouldn't it be possible to distribute multiple sets of this beast like that? Myself, I'm too broke to even afford a Doepfer A-100 and too inexperienced to do the actual soldering without the support of a seasoned veteran. Still I do know I want a Modular Synth before I die :twisted:
  20. Moogulator

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    For me the final product is the real thing, batteries included - no soldering ;-)
  21. emdezet

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    Oh come on! This I had not expected from you!
    Of course I would prefer a neatly packed box payable by credit card, but aaaaah...Apparently this is not how this works in any affordable price segment.
  22. ppg360

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    If I figured it correctly, total cost of component parts is roughly 600 Euro, labour not included. It seems safe to assume that this will be another 600 Euro per unit. Which is justifiable, and still less than an original 2600...

  23. Moogulator

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    exactly, well if you get it assembled you got more time for making music, right?

    don't underestimate the peoples lazyness ;-) *G*

    if it's below 2k€ it's still worth it, and note the original was much much more expensive those days and todayyou do not get too many chances of getting one.. I had that opportunity but had no money at all, if I had thought twice I'd own one today..
  24. Oh dear, What have I started here!

    Moogulator - if I read your last message correctly, then I'm seriously flattered that you think paying 2k€ would be worth it :shock:

    The next few paragraphs are to be taken lightly, with no offence intended :)

    It's true, anybody, and I mean ANYBODY, can build this modular if they had the time and inclination, and you certainly don't need to wield a soldering iron like a Light Sabre, or have a Degree in Sub-Quantum-Micro-Electronics to do this. I haven't been anywhere near a resistor for 20 years!

    Usually, I would flash my Credit Card in the general direction of a particular piece of equipment I want - althouh the last thing I bought, a Prodyssey ASB, turned out to be a lame duck. Not one single music store here in the UK had one for me to try, so I took a risk of ordering one without listening to it - as a DSP based "analogue" synth, it's not bad... but as an Odyssey emulation, it just doesn't sound right, and there are bugs that will now, probably, never get fixed.

    Any way, I digress... the point is, if you have the money to buy the equipment you want, that's fine - what I object to is the lack of value you can get for your hard earned cash.

    All the "Commercial" modular synths I looked at, Doepfer, Analogue Systems, Analogue Solutions etc. just weren't worth the money (IMHO!). Even a basic single rack with one pitiful oscillator can set you back over 1,000€.

    Sure, I've given up 5 weeks of writing to do this project, but what I write isn't commercially viable and I certainly don't make any money from it ( see how I sneaked that in, Moogulator, feel free to delete that link if you think it innapropriate to this discussion.

    So, what have I lost compared to what I've gained - I now have, if I may be so bold and thoroughly unmodest, a fantastic Modular synth in my studio, of which I'm seriously proud of :D

  25. Dimi

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    looks fantastic :shock:
  26. Moogulator

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    And I like the fact that you are on Mac, but be careful with iWeb, it works fine but writes a bit strange code sometimes..

    anyway - it works..
  27. lilak

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    count me in

    andy, count me in ... after having gone through all the major sounds in the last months, the arp sound is one thats left over. if i could your beast in the size of a cwejman s1 for live music i would be one happy camper. is there no was this can be made smaller with surface mounted components?
  28. Neo

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    Are you kidding ? With the right Price tag, Synthfans all over the World will jump on it.

    Respect, your Synth looks great

    Oh yes, believe me, youre not alone with this opinion :)
  29. Anonymous

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    Re: count me in

    Ok, again:

    It's not an ARP clone inside, only outside.

    Inside are PCBs from Ray Wilson (Music From Out Space) as far as I understand it.

    This thread is the best prove that everyone just looks at the optics! :P
  30. lilak

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    noting new can sound like the old arps. by arp sound i mean that kind of analythical sound, its all in the oszillator and filter like you said. i listend to your audio samples and to me it is that kind of sound ...