The Chickensong

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  1. wir haben ein ausflug aufs land gemacht , im hühnerstall hatten wir erlebnisse der dritten art .
    der song war so doof wie die hühner ................. nein , die hühner waren sehr , sehr schlau und haben uns viel gelernt.....
    kann das nur weiterempfehlen sich mal mit der natur auseinander zu setzen . die hühner hatten viel zu sagen . wir wollen mit diesem song ihr sprachrohr sein.

  2. and phantasic , i hope . awesome is not enough.

    and pls remember : the chickens will always win .
  3. awesome and phantastic of course
    makes the cow jump over the moon and back
  4. thats good , very good . it is what we trying to archiv , with the song .
    i am glad you liked it .

    i think something around billboard charts rank 2 or 3 , would be a placement of wise and awsome people-
    it is indeed , very original . and that is whats music is good for , isnt it ??to bring you to places you never dreamed off......

    the middelpart is disgusting , of course. but a life of achicken isnt groovey either.

    thanks a lot .
  5. so much wisdom in your words
  6. ok , lets go a little bit further........ if you are a chicken and i am too ,............. everything is fine.
    if i am a chicken and you are a cheese , no matter what kind of cheese we have a problem.
    because chicken dont like cheese . cheese like cheese and chickens like chicken !!
    thats the way i like it ??

  7. Do you want to say that the planet is not large enough for chicken and cheese? Would make sense to me.
  8. no , excuse me . cheese is the cheese---no matter what you doing. but there is a free chicken , wonderfull chickentranslator......
    it is nota joke , not wisdom or anything like that .
    we join , togehter . chicken and cheese have to make peace ;-)

    you know , i know , everbody knows .

    i dont want to make you angry , and with all the little confidence of my innocense.............
    a song ..not as great as yours or mine, but still a good song.

    snob pless you and your children.

  9. No, you don't make me angry. It is just politics, you know(Chicken - Cheese). You gave us this wonderfull song. :peace: