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    The BLD has all components and functions necessary for generating bass lead and drum sounds with focus on bass drum sounds. It can be trigged by a push button or by an external signal (any shape). The pitch, cutoff frequency, transient times and amplitude are also voltage controllable by external signals. The BLD contain main sound generator (OSCILLATOR) and noise generator and modifiers such as low pass filter, amplifier and two transient (contour) generators.

    The MMF-6 is a multi mode filter with six outputs, first three from the left; "clean" low pass, band pass and high pass. Low- band- and high pass to the right are processed by three separate (for every output) saturation circuits with two modes; soft and hard.Additionally, the filter core has so called "symmetry" control for the resonance and cutoff frequency. It is possible to control cutoff so positive and negative going signals has different cutoff frequencies, from a subtle "edge" to very dramatical character of the audio signal (including frequency division effect). Now it's possible to imitate the famous Moog filter (it can not replace it, of course), OTA based filters and others. All this by modulating symmetry by one of outputs (pre-patched to "clean" low pass output) or an external signal. Now it is possible to mix clean and saturated audio signals in any combination.

    More information comming soon!

    keine Ahnung was es mit der Farbe auf sich hat
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    großes Kino!
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    achja, auf der cwejman seite gibt es noch sounddemos
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    Aber warum sind die nicht mehr grün?
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    Die neuen Frontplatten werden aber anscheinend Perlweiss:

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