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Synth + Music Events

30.Juli Köln / 14. August Berlin – Synthsound Hackspace Workshops (mit Moogulator)

– 30.Juli – Synthsound Hackspace Workshop in Köln mit Assistenz durch den sehr geschätzen Bob Humid!
und ferner nochdabei war letztes Mal dieses Patch auf dem Original-Synth (Pro One):
pro one don't go yazoovon diesem Stück:

14.Aug. in Berlin gibt es ebenfalls einen Workshop
Klänge anhören und erstellen. Fragen stellen. Alles.
bei/mit Moogulator.
Und nach-wie-vor private Workshops möglich nach Terminvereinbahrung. Alle 3 findest du auch später oben im Menü “Workshop”…Klicken und anmelden geht ab sofort! Bitte nicht bei mir,  sondern bei den jeweiligen Links.10689568_4672915838790_7870325359773563320_n12938336_10201653901547247_4586510475345338271_nAnmelden ab jetzt möglich: Synthsound Hackspace – Workhopserie

The New Magic Easel Orchestra live @ Elektro Müller, Düsseldorf

Live at Elektro-Müller, Düsseldorf – 3x Buchla New Music Easel .
the New Magic Easel Orchestra – 19.7.2016

Elektro-Müller was the former studio of Kraftwerk, it’s smaller than many of us thought, so this isn’t the Tardis – but sounds brillant – maybe one of the best sounding locations I ever went to.

Here’s the images..
Easel Orchestra at Elektro Mueller



Apple Keynote WWDC 2016 (Developer Conference)

19 – 20:30 – Keynote – after / while it’s running  – I will update this post!

Was bedeutet das für Musiker – nun bisher noch nichts bekannt dazu für uns – es sind einfach mehr Funktionen in macOS & iOS..

the Meaning for musicians – here as soon as possible. and they let the girls talk for demos a lot – but Craig “Hairforce One” did his part as well ;)

Expectation true:
Update of- OS X 10.12 renamed to “macOS Sierra”  &  iOS 10
all ready in autumn.

Sierra runs on macs from late 2009 or newer.
iOS 10 starts with iPhone 5, iPad 2. etc. – so it still supports the slow iPad 2, still which is atm not really fun to use. may not support most of the newer features like continuity (needs BT 4) or split screen – surprising to me! 

tim cook os

what people expect: new Pro series (Mac / Macbook) … flat, with USB-C ports (1-4) and flat design with OLED button strip (replaces F keys) and possibly other things – but thunderbolt 3 built in – 2x as fast as TB 2. 
what I expect:
just the OS – it’s a developers conference! no hardware!

maybe it gets “boring” but.. / wenn es langweilig wird, dann nur weil es eben für Programmier-Nerds ist – Music & iTunes should be updated as well. But itunes will keep complex.


• Updates watchOs (not relevant for music – is faster and a bit more useful – but won’t buy one since … / comes autumn), and AppleTV (not relevant)

–> iOS (relevant), Mac OS (relevant)

• OS X is now macOSmacos sierra

it’s called… macOS SierramacOS sierra 2

more continuity – copy&paste iOS / OS X ..  continuity paste

and deleting caches and stuff and of course iCloud stuff from OS Xsave

here’s the names of the new stuff
and siri of course is on the macOS now.

beta: july – final macOS comes autumn 2017

iOS 10
with wake up by just raising the iPhone/Pad
raise to wakeup ios ios 10
and Siri update.. maybe just US as always.. but open to dev’s
ew push-up menu has player for music and is redesigned.
pushup menu

Siri can now switch automatically between languages as well as typing and grab info form the text while typing ..

Pics can be analysed and grouped – and groups events and important images together and makes a videos from images (!). to me the search of synth pics is nice, hope it works – they say it can find horses – but..

photo analysis siri act on

clever maps to find things and look ahead as well as traffic etc. – well – request a car – but maybe that won’t work in germany as most of the stuff.

Music: they wanna sell things.. they redesigned the music app:

lyrics in it – but doesn’t look easier to nav in a car..
music play music lib lyrics


ell – it has more lists, things recently listened to and stuff – but seems not to be easy enough. well.

but what about music? still nothing in here … we might hear about that later – since MIDI and stuff isn’t what is on top – but will update as soon as …

there is Home – for automation…
nice but US based stuff as they say.  maybe reserved for the rich non-europeans ..

Voice mails get transcripted! cool! detects if it’s spam spoken to you as well.

iMessage has a lot of new stuff, links and hand write and emoji replacement stuff..
and you can play music in iMessage to anyone! ..

and it’s open for dev’s .. just below

imessage dev

and split screen in safari – and some more stuff.. here’s the words and tags..

ios dev features split view safari

“one more thing” – they did an iPad app for learning to code in swift – more focussed on children – will be there in autumn as well – and it’s free.

swift iPad kids

Apple WWDC 2016

Diskussion (deutsch) hier: 13.6. Stream,WWDC Keynote, iOS 9.3.2 für iPad sicher / Neues

Moogulator @ Aachen – today 20:00

since WAS temporaly down – here’s the reminder.…
weil die Site gerade temporär defekt WAR, diese Information hier…

Playing a concert in Aachen, NRW at 8:00 PM today at AZ Aachen

-> you can get tickets at the door – es gibt eine Abendkasse!
20:00 doors open
Ticket: 10 Euro
Az Aachen, Vereinsstr. 25, 530165 Aachen

Bunker Noise IIIbunker noise 3 moogulator
Moogulator live @ Aachen 20:00, AZ, Vereinsstr.25

more referring to the set I will be using …

live set 2016 aachen moogulator
live set 2016 aachen moogulator

recent news – aktuell
Moogulator livesets can be seen here..

Happy Knobbing Modular Meeting 2016 – Jams 1-3

..finde & see all the images & videos here..

here’s the first batch of live jams from the Modular Meeting:

1) Worsel StraussWeinglas + Serge (Nicknames @ Forum)

2) Moogulator (6:32)

3) Feinstrom (13:36)

  • Jams 2 –

  • Jams 3 –


round trip – 24mins – uncommented

checking up the modulars – 40mins trip – with comments.