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Stromspiesser, Essen 21.11.2016

Fast alles Absolventen der Folkwang/Essen haben Stromspiesser gegründet – und heute gab es wieder ein Konzert in Essen mitten in der Stadt und anschließendem Weihnachtsmarkt…
Neue Musik – von Synth bis Elektroakustik. Die Idee ist auch, sich von gewissen “Zwängen” des akademischen Betriebes zu befreien und dennoch nicht gleich eine kommerzielle Tanzveranstaltung machen zu müssen. Elektronik kann eben auch anders, denn elektronisch ist es eigentlich immer, daher der Name. Das sind quasi Stromrebellen

Es spielten:
Nicolas Kretz
Karl F. Degenhardt

Kai Niggemann
Florian Hartlieb & Florian Walter

-Gear vs Musik-
es werden einfach Gear-Aspekte hier mit gepostet und einige Bilder von der Performance selbst – wer Lust hat, kommt einfach vorbei. Im Forum gibt es meist sehr rechtzeitig vorher einen Hinweis dazu.

Nicolas Kretz

Karl F. Degenhardt

Kai Niggemann

Florian Hartlieb & Florian Walter

recording / stuff..

ps – habe selbst bei der letzten Stromspiesser-Veranstaltung gespielt

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Shiny Toys A/V Festival, Mülheim/Ruhr – impression

every year – lovable visual experiments and music at
Shiny Toys a/v features so many different styles and forms – be there. very well done in this order :

▦ 18:00 Aude Rrose (stage 3) 3 projectors / mini sound tools

▣ 18:30 Phonopticon (stage 1)  – quad sound live performance with electro acoustic “things” on a table plus cello – very nerdy & nice to look at.

◧ 19:15 Aymen Gharbi (stage 2) typing stuff in arabic letters – do you know what he told us? (world lens doesn’t translate..)

▧ 19:45 Limpe Fuchs (stage 1) – large stone-phone, drums etc – and more – performance

◫ 20:30 Telefante (stage 3) – awesome super dark music, very organic, sort or morbid moods with projections from a box with slides and some light tricks (as always very simple but big impact) – mesmerized by some dark forces?

▤ 21:30 SPUNK (stage 1) – 4 ladies – experimental – very big bass from the brass (wow) fit totally well with processed voices plus cello/trumpet+flutes and a walkman. good flow

◪ 21:15 Tom Groll & Kuno Seltmann (stage 2) – maybe strange – to me something like electronic indians and camp fire of 2020 – that “drum” had an inprint of plants/leafs – with light spot on. one guy may belong to the installation starring at the leaf-drum – liked the audio as well

◳ 22:15 Wolfgang Spahn (stage 3) – DIY modulars and visual inventions – experimental electronics – very nerdy, have a look at the pics!

▩ 23:00 The Dorf / RaumZeitPiraten (stage 1) – great combi, biiiig band incl Theremin, Buchla 200e and all kinds of instruments!
◱ 00:00 Sculpture (stage 3) – turntable used for visuals – danceable music, too (big up for that!)

◩ 01:00 Léonore Boulanger (stage 1) – love her – so cute creative (this time no electronics in here, but very late but worth it)

⬢ 01:30 Afterglow mit Michael Valentine West, Einar Zuviel und Visuals von Yochee (RLS HeidiHoh) ´- this was actually at about 4:00 – I needed to get some sleep, sorry.

▨ ∞ Ingo Wendt (RLS Drehscheibe) ab Dunkelheit (see below)


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7.9. frustrating Apple Keynote – iPhone 7 (no audio – free adapter) / Watch 2, No Macs.

  • frustrating event for musicians.
    and for those waiting for new Macs – they may have another event for them..
    Watch Series 2 swim proof (water resistant). Series 2
    with 2Core Processor. 60fps video. brighter display. GPS, $370
    old one $260 still buy the old shi’at.

watch 2

guess what? you may take your iPhone to swimming the pool but not listening to music, then? anyway it’s just a show.

  • iPhone 7 / iOS 10
    Musicians: don’t buy or think more than twice especially when mobile!! below is why:
    how do they sell us the audiojack is missing?
    – better cam, multi LED light/flash, processor for images,
    – front cam 7Mpixel, both cams: with optical stabilization
    – water resistant.
    – home button – taptic engine replaces classic mech switch/buttonphone 7 design iphone 7 xiphone7 home tap
  • 7plus: dual cams -12MPixel tele and normal
    1x – 10x with soft zoom
    calculates between both lenses and makes it better via processing. – “the depth effect”
    – better display – more colours – 3D Touch, brighter
    iphone 7plus 2cams
  • talk about audio:
    speakers – 2x louder, better sound
    stereo iphone
    – lightning for audio – no more audio out
    – sorry – it’s bullshit!digital audio. with or without latency? well it’s via lightning so assume it is ok –
    no matter.. they sell special earphones for lightning- but others won’t work sorry. worst idea ever seen!the stereo (new) speakers are ok to have. but no audio out without charging? –
    they put that adapter in (“free”) without POWER supply of the iphone with it – so listening or charging?? you need to decide when listening to something – in cars or on the way.. all wireless (again bullshit) – I had no apple headphones that last longer than some weeks or month. baaaad idea. well – car stereo or PA via audio out adapter won’t allow charging with this adaptor and you may keep an eye on it and with you everywhere you are.
    UPDATE: there is a 3rd party product to charge and listen – but it’s $40 – 2 versions: 2x lightning or lightning and audio.
    well – this adapter can be ordered for 9€ – so it’s cheap for an Apple-cable and is free for those iPhone 7 users – but – it needs to have the DAC in it,  –
    UPDATE: Audio-Adapter Info (german/deutsch)
    it has microphone in, it has a DAC and ADC inside and it’s quality is below the one in the iPhone 6/6s – seems to make more noise – but it works for those who do not need high quality. so it is Consumer – the Pro user won’t gonna love it. 

    I don’t know if it’s “good”..they want to sell their  headphones called airpods.airpods wireless

  • these $159 pods (!!) have an accelerometer – tap it to say something to Siri, starts playing the music when insert correctly – plus J.Ive blah .. well. that’s for the listener, it’s NOT for the musicians – 5h lasting battery – but trust me – they may be gone within month ;)  – it’s sensors detect speech/voice – how they call it.- it’s case is a battery as well – so it will charge when kept in that case – not bad – but maybe ok for consumers. Not ok for musicians.
  • I leave out that Beats Phones, with same tech – since they sound really really awful till now (no trebble in it, just bass, worst I ever listened to).
  • the good one is:
    A10 Processor Fusion, 4core, 64bit, 40 faster than A9 (iphone 6/iPad Pro, Graphics 50% fasterA10 fusion processor
    -> 2
    56GB max, 32GB minimum good decision.
    order iPhone: 16.9.
    iOs 10 – coming on Sept.13th.
    MacOS Sierra: Sept.20th.
    prices – in the EU – more expensive!!  – but they’re keeping the old line for a bit less. not convinced, apple. sorry.
  • iPads – older iPads (Air 2) can be ordered with 256GB as well- now. – so old’ish technology is ok – most of the iPads got cheaper or more RAM for the same price, now – secretly. iPad Mini 4 – also more RAM, now.  No changes on iPad Pro.
  • No Macs – will be another event..

*relevant things will be highlighted.

the rest of it..

tim cook

this will update as soon as it was said at the event.. ;)

now and here – the stream is here.
Diskussion auf Deutsch – hier: 7.9. Apple Keynote

  • intro:
    some talk, funny stuff & singing, supermario-inventor comes and tells things about games and other stuff not relevant for us outside the us & iWork – Collaboration (multi user features), Apple Watch OS 3 – Pokemon go @
  • ending: Sia performs, sounds nice. but more commercial..


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Platine Cologne – a/v Festival (computer art)

Computerkunst bei Platine 2016, was jedes Jahr in Köln statt findet.


Ein Spiegel, der Zerrbilder und Glitches des Gespiegelten zeigt, eine sehr 70er-artige Schiffe-versenken-Variante mit Prima als Anzeige, ein riesiger Ball, der ein Spiel steuert, viele VR-Brillen/Oclulus-Anwendungen in 3D zum greifen bis zum schaukeln. Beams, Leuchtendes, bewegliches und Spiele mit LED-Ketten – Ästhetisches und Spezielles mit Berührung von Wänden und anleuten von lichtempfindlichen Lautsprechern. So etwas gab es heute geboten auf der Platine Cologne, die von Montag bis morgen 23:00 geht in K-Ehrenfeld. Beeindruckend auch: Eine Holzwurzel wird durch Mapping/Beam ständig verändert, mal Ameisen und Flecken bis hin zu futuristischen Strukturen und Glitches/Verzerrungen, die nur digital machbar sind. Außerdem konnte man sich eine Melodie zu seinem Gesicht ausdrucken lassen. Bitte werfen sie eine Münze eeein für ihre persönliche FM-Glücksmelodie (die war wirklich von einem FM Klangerzeuger gespielt worden).

Nächstes Jahr gern wieder – lohnt sich immer. und wieder..


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