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no news news IIXVLII fast forward autumn 2016

Ok, time to send some music and little nice news out..

1) Zibra is a cool guy

he always was – look for the term “look mum, no computer” ;)

2) Tim Exile has made something (free) for us – Slow (freezing any audio stream) – is quite self explanatory, so I just mention it
(Deutsche Info hier)

3) this is some nice female voice synthpop which is just nice: Kanga – something upcoming (from LA btw.)

4) and this project impressed my by it’s nice imagery: Genesis 2bTruman (that name didn’t impress me as much as the images do) -> Genesis Computer Synthesizer – Superhirn für Musik
genesis-13731054_312659285742808_3660182632009068349_o genesis-14066348_327362660939137_2543079394200328510_o genesis-14520336_343734979301905_444654364759539750_n

right – it’s the time of post-Roland-Behringer-AppleMacbook awaiting Maschinenfest prequelililility. time to make music or get mad, or matt, Matt Smith. ask the docta..

time for a number
5) Ralf Hildenbeutel – Spark is very electronic but floating through acoustic vibes and gets back to electronics again – in a very good way. enjoy this:

(ich sehe, es gibt ein Interview mit ihm hier).

6) I am not a number!
7) don’t call me Dave. Nenn mich nicht Dave.
8) Le Grami

9) (Zoé) Zanias did a tour

10) expect some turkey-related-stuff like synthgiving for cheaper synths in autumn – especially software will be offered cheaper within those super american black fridays and blue & cyber mondays.. don’t tell me I didn’t warn you but I won’t post too much about it – watch the forum etc. – trumpet or george clinton?

UPDATE – it goes to eleven!

11) Well – Behringer is the 1st to control their analog synth by cyber stuff – VR glasses and augemented reality editor for the DM12.

Der Nerd spricht dies: DeepMind 12 – Analoger Behringer Synthesizer 2016 – braucht der Mensch mehr #Cyber beim Klangbau?

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Synthstrom Audible “Deluge” – Sampler / Sequencer

Samplers look like controllers, controllers like samplers or Sequencers. This one is a hardware sequencer and reminds of the Novation Ciruit – that got the 3rd update to make sampling possible (or at least to upload your own samples to it).

Here’s something new from a new company called the Deluge” –
let’s liste the features – but also tell: it’s a prototype, it has no price and there are 20 users so far, so it will be posted later..

atm it is:
Sequencer, Synth, Sampler
16×8 Pads, all colour LED Pads
Min 48, up to 64 voices (dynamically by DSP power)
64MB RAM, 32GB exp. via SD Card
12 min sample time per sample
FX and classic structures, multimode filter, ENVs, LFOs (not exactly known atm)
4 Waveforms (Synth)
MIDI in/out, USB
2x CV, 4x Gate out, Trigger In (Clock)
Battery inside
built in speaker / microphone – mobile concept!

start: 25.9.2016

Düsseldorf und Berlin

deluge deluge-animation-final

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Berlin 11-13.8. Playground A/V Audiovisual Festival, Maze Club

exhibition / concerts / jam sessions / creative chaos
w/ noise machines / noiseboxes / circuit bending / modular synths / glitchart / tv installations / visualnoise projections

see all images here..
Bildschirmfoto 2016-08-17 um 18.44.59

UPDATE: today – Maze Club, Mehringdamm – 19:00 Nerdic Stuff – 22:00 Music Performances..
time table very soon..

will also be transmitted via LSB TV – there will be live-streams and you can come to see us with:

this on Saturday 13.8.2016

schedule may change.. (maybe playing a bit earlier) – just be there.
rough and first version of the timetable lsb.TV floor
22 h per martinsen aka mental overdrive aka waveform
23:00 h mijk van dijk
23:45 h peter kirn feat gabriela prochazka (light artist)
00:30 Skwerl ( birdkids)
01:15 h hippy-ESC
01:45 h girts feat madara (erica synths) modular + clarinet
02:30 hiT͟Hərˈto͞o ⧺ aiKia
03:15 moogulator
04:00 h ümit han
04:45 h nerk
05:30 h kodek
06:15 h till end — bendeg & henriko s sagert
note: synth’n’noise will happen 19-22:00… ;)


4youreye / lsb.TV / Maze & Liquid sky berlin
Playground A/V Berlin @ Maze
3 floors of audiovisual madness
live tv transmission via ALEX Berlin
massive videoinstallation by
Michael Hofauer
Donald Hanson from gifSlap
and other visual artists
special artexhibition by Simon Lejeune ( Haedre / Vonkor Lab )
additional tv installation by Patrick Peetz ( Odrex Music)
muzzikk by
playground av vienna floor:
G.error / Lichtbogen Musik
Oliver Gruen (35 grad / hausgemacht)
Thormann (Playground AV / SunThing)
Marc St. James (Basic Code)
Denis Yashin (Schönbrunner Perlen)
Braim (SunThing / Basic Code)
4youreye ProjectionArt (Playground AV Vienna / Lichtbogen Wien)
Mischa Beton
Danz (untertagetechno, lichtbogensound)

lsb.TV floor
Mijk van Dijk
Ümit Han
aeiou/kadaver (Bastl Instruments)
Peter Kirn ( CDM )
Nerk (V-Records / Toktok)
hiT͟Hərˈto͞o ⧺ AiKia ( female:pressure )
Skwerl ( birdkids)
Per Martinsen aka mental overdrive aka waveform
Girts feat Madara (Erica Synths) Modular + Clarinet
Ben Deg
Henriko S. Sagert

modular lounge
co-hosted by Noise.kitchen
the Bastl Instruments family
Error instruments feat
Paul Tas
Aj Fourier (mdlrcase.com)
Gijs Gieskes
Alex Smith & Twisted-Electrons
Plastiq Wiener aka Goldwiener
Robin Burke aka Robbertunist
Igor Bln aka Textur
and many many more.
(who did we forget?)

stay tuned for news.
this is part of the Playground A/V Berlin – audiovisual art festival
Noise.Berlin – noisemachines / circuit bending / exhibition / concerts / tv transmission – playground a/v berlin opening
AudioVisual Ambient Jam #02 / Playground A/V Berlin

this on thursday 11.8.2016

… a rough shedule / timetable for thursday.
of course this might change again and again
note there will be sessions and workshops 19.-21.00 (free)!

tv stage
21 h noise jam 1
22 h CYN:apse / jeff donaldson
22:30 h michael schweiger
23 h noise jam 2
00 h moogulator
01 h noise jam 3
02 h M-F-X
02:20 h ruja kiss aka noise kiss
02:50 h noise jam 4
04 h azop corp
04:30 h 20 billion eyes
05 h ICD-10
05:30 h ?
06 h ?
(the tv transmission is from 00 – 06 h BUT the other hours will be recorded at transmitted via ALEX Berlin in the next 2 weeks)

datis 5 L
henriko s sagert
twin peetz
felix fx
sheldon drake

modular lounge
opening by sheldon drake
then jam sessions by bastl instruments & error instruments
& erica synths & twisted electrons & friends

when we close – well thatz up to you how hard you are able to party! if the crowd is rockin we will go on and on.

as mentioned: this time shedule will change again
so beloved artists: feel free to leave comments / suggestions / questions

4youreye / Maze / Neu West Berlin / lsb.TV / Liquid sky berlin&Noise.Berlin
NOISE.BERLIN – playground a/v berlin festival opening
@ maze club berlin & neu west berlin
event starts 19:00
entrancefee: 5 euro
tv transmission via ALEX Berlin starts midnight c.e.t.
untill 6 am friday morning

line up
Uli Sigg
the Bastl Instruments family
the Erica Synths family feat KODEK
the Error instruments feat Paul Tas / Gijs Gieskes
aj fourier from mdlrcase.com
Alex from Twisted-Electrons
Robin Burke aka Robbertunist
Igor Bln aka Textur
@kasia justka – Kas Just
Simon Schäfer aka der Warst
Charles Andreo from and with Basslet
Ruja Kiss aka #noisekiss
Patrick Peetz aka #twinpeetz
Michael Schweiger aka sonifer aka SoniLumatrice
Sheldon Drake
Pavel Mikhaylov aka 20billioneyes
Donald Hanson from gifSlap
Plastiq Wiener aka Goldwiener
Datis Five-el
Dario Beat Juric
AJ Polonia
Ge-stell aka Scald Rougish
M-F-X feat Dr Walker / Asbest
Azop Corp / AzopCorp.
Guido Braun aka ICD-10
daniel katzenstab

special artexhibition by Simon Lejeune ( Haedre / Vonkor Lab )

special art exhibition by Dani Ludwigs

stay tuned!
this is the whole festival:
Playground A/V Berlin – audiovisual art festival
this is the friday show:
AudioVisual Ambient Jam #02 / Playground A/V Berlin
saturday program @ Maze
Playground A/V at Maze Berlin – 3 floors of audiovisual madness



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Korg Minilogue Polysynth + Akai AX coming back

Korg just registeredMinilogue” sounds and IS very analogue, very synth and it is polyphonic and has a 16 step modulation sequencer.
in mono mode it has 2 OSCs 1 Suboscillator, in poly it has just 2 OSCs. in dual mode it has these 2 voices doubled, so 4 OSCs sounds and can be detuned.

the only unclear thing is a rack version, that might happen – but may just be some messing around with image processing software (not to mention one of those companies..) – maybe done by him since the phones jack is missing and possibly the “Sprechkäse” is another cool joke.

but from here all is confirmed – you can already buy one of these:
minilogue size

USB/MIDI in/out – Sync Clock in/out

Minilogue Specs (database)

it is 4 voice polyphonic,

it has a 16 step sequencer with 4 motion sequences (moving the knobs and record them), not yet clear if the sequence transposes…

so it is a lot like an advanced Microkorg or MS2000/Radias – but analog with

Crossmod, Ringmod and Sync and all Standard things and even Chords in the Arpeggiator.

classic dual ADSR-envelopes and LFO. So this is sort of an analog Microkorg, but of course not featuring the digital things but is technically the most affordable analog poly synth with this feature set.

there is a shape knob per VCO, so you can do PWM, Saw Mod in a PWM manner and triangle mangling likewise.

LFO seems fast enough for audio speed (again!) thanks.

In Mono Mode it has a Sub OSC as well.

delay before or after filter which is really cool for short feedback echoes!

Unverbindliche Preisempfehlung des Hersteller inkl.19% MwSt.
KORG minilogue: 713,00 EUR – Lieferzeit: Mitte Januar 2016

Minilogue Structure

2 & 4 pole low pass filter (MS10 style)
and static sum high pass filter (thinning out things for all voices)

to me Korg did a lot of things right except missing the mod wheel.
korg sequencer minilogue

it seems so.
note the “king” lettering below.

korg minilogue 2

korg minilogue

Credit to /u/frankgilcrest123 who posted the following to Reddit from a gearslutz thread. He wrote:

Surprised this has not made it over here yet. Over on the Gearslutz forum there has been talk of a new analog polysynth from korg. It will be around $500 and it is looking pretty slick. A few have confirmed the specs have been leaked on Russian gear sites and a french synth forum.

Description KORG Minilogue:

KORG Minilogue – is a  4-voice polyphonic synthesizer, with built-in reverb & delay effects.  Synthesizer has a MS-kind of sound analog engine, quick access to the 100 factory 100 user presets – all can be overwritten (afaik), 8 voice mode to create its configuration of 4 voices – unison, polyphony, and so on. 41 knobs, oscilloscope in real time gives a visual check of sound, 16-step sequencer with automation polyphonic up to 4 parameters synthesizer and more.

korg minilogue

Clock: Sync In and Sync Out interfaces with Electribe & Volca.



Forum/Diskussion und Neues dazu: Korg Minilogue – Polyphonic Analogue Synthesizer

French colleagues just reviewed it..

minilogue opened mini 1

Akai AX returning (analog synths)..

Akai says they will bring back the AX series..

It’s easy to forgot how great the analog AX series synths sounded. Celebrating the 30th anniversary of its release, check out this ‪#‎tbt‬ sound demo video. Might be a great board for us to bring back…
akai ax

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Smiley Synth SM01 – Analog Polyphonic Synth

Analog und ohne Chips – 12 Oszillatoren (also 6stimmig mit 2 OSCs pro Stimme) – einfache Struktur – 1x LFO, 2x ADSR EG
Er heißt Smiley, weil der Entwickler wirklich so heißt!
Die Oberfläche wirkt so, als gäbe es nur wenige Modulationsmöglichkeiten – PWM gibt es schon, aber der Rest muss offenbar anders geregelt werden. Irgendwie cool aber vielleicht auch etwas zu simpel?

Discrete 6 voice fully polyphonic analog polysynth.
12 oscillators, 6 filter envelopes, 6 VCA envelopes, based on a vintage monosynth, but updated with precision components.
LFO mod individually assignable to voices and filter. Each oscillator individually detunable for huge vintage polysynyth sound.
Entirely handbuilt in recycled redgum by Jim Smiley.
Visit Found Sound & the SM-01 virtually via http://www.foundsound.com.au/stock?se…

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UVI Falcon – add as many LFOs / envs as you like – Sampling & Synth

so viele LFOS und Hüllkurven wie man tragen kann für den neuen UVI Falcon, ein fast-modulares Konzept. Das beste ist, das zweite Video zu schauen.

  • 4 OP FM
  • PD
  • Subtraktive Synthese
  • Samples / Sample Mapping / Sample Slices
  • Key/Vel-Switches
  • Mix Synth & Samples
  • drag & drop filter, oscs, ..

if you go modular you need cables – but sometimes you don’t – if you just click your LFOs and ENVELOPES to be added to anything you want to be modulated. that’s the “near” modular concept of Falcon – a new synth by UVI who zoomed on emulations a lot in the past – this time it is a synth with sampling. here’s a demo (second video for everyone who want to know):



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Sputnik Sequencer / Synth & Sampling ST4 + 64 Step – LED Display

Das hier sieht schwer nach einem interessanten Sequencer für alles aus, was nicht Noten sind, denn Notendarstellungen könnten hier vielleicht etwas schwerer abzulesen sein. Das Ganze kommt offensichtlich zur NAMM 2016, welche nicht mehr all zu lang in die Zukunft zeigt/deutet. Das Format sieht nach 4×16 Linien aus, also womöglich 64 Steps und vielleicht auch mehrere Zeilen, denn das ist digitale Technik und damit ginge viel. Die vier Buchsen unten und links die Reihen sehen nach 4 Spuren oder vielleicht auch 4 x 16 Ausgaben aus, könnten also 4x CV oder Gates oder beides sein (2 Gate, 2 Spuren) oder vielleicht ist es auch vollkommen anders? Man sieht leider keine Zuweisung, wo mehrere Spuren angesteuert werden, dennoch – ziemlich interessant, was Sputnik da bereit legt.

U PDATE: Channel 1 & 2 + Step Edit.. here we go..

  • Sample Tauglichkeit, Wellenformen (Saw, Square, Noise)
  • Hüllkurven
  • großes Display
  • VCF & VCA integriert – es ist also auch ein Synthesizer

sputnik sequencer proto
Sputnik (Roman Filippov) is preparing a new sequencer for NAMM which isn’t so far from here – it seems to be a lot like grapically nice and being aware of modulation stuff (I’d not be able to tell about notes to be shown that way, but for any modulation purpose – it looks interesting).
this is one pcb – so that should be one 64 step line to be seen in one “look” – maybe it does more – it will be ready in 2016 and it may be the size of euro racks but could and would be best in one case that fits well into or near any euro racks and others. And it can sample and has MIDI & USB.
has envelopes and waveforms (basic ones, per channel)
stand alone device.
Huge Display.

sputnik sequencer 2

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AVP Synth VAS100 Digital Synth & ADB5 Analog Drum Synth

Ein kleiner digitaler Synthesizer
und ein analoger Drum Synth mit 4 Instrumenten
stellt sich vor.
Es gibt auch MIDI CV Interfaces.

the VAS100 is a small size digital synth (left)

most of it’s routing is being managed via switches
it has 2 OSCs, LFO: watch this..

ADB5 – the analog drum synth (right)

  • is a small drum synth with BD,SD, Toms, Hihats

AVP Synth

russia based.
they also got MIDI CV interfaces..
connect via FB

avr and russian classic synth

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Modal 008 Analogue Synth (8 voice) with Xpander-Style Filters (with Phase/Allpass)

the original info from Modal
(so it has still some super-words in it) ;)

Modal 008 (built 2015) – Analog Synthesizer 
provides eight discrete voices of polyphony with an uncompromising analogue
architecture utilising the highest grade components throughout

Modal 008 synthesizer
Two 100% analogue VCO’s per voice
with two sub oscillators, providing sawtooth, triangle, square
with PWM and noise.

note those filters are a bit like the Oberheim Matrix12 synthesizer

 Oberheim Matrix 12 (built 1985) – Analog Synthesizer
that allows combinations of filters including phase shifting / all pass filters that really sound great for pads and stuff.


Each of the waveforms can be blended together to provide
completely new complex wave shapes Innovative and

extremely flexible 16 multi-mode filter, consisting of traditional modes such as low-pass, band-pass and
high-pass as well as more unusual notch, phase and combination modes.

Filter overdrive enables the sound to be driven to sonic extremes A range of classic analogue polysynth features such as oscillator and filter FM bringing amazing sonic power

Two LFO’s, both capable of reaching audio rates with multiple wave
shapes and midi sync
11 modulation sources with unlimited destinations. Each destination can be set it’s own unique depth, a super smooth sample rate of 10kHz and all accessible from the front panel – no menu diving 008 features a range of sequencing options

– a built in 2 Track, 12 row, 32 step sequencer with
16 dedicated step time editing knobs on the front panel and MIDI sync capabilities. Sequences can also be transposed dynamically while running

A very highly featured arpeggiator with a wide range of different modes, including ‘hold’ mode, enabling arpeggiator-based sequences to be created The Modal Electronics Animator, which enables any control parameter on the 008 to be sequenced, enabling very complex filter transisitions, wave form changes and
modulation matrix changes to be sequenced Ethernet port to connect your 008 to your network and enable updates via the internet (no more midi sysex dumps) and access to the Modal Electronics cloud features

Two part multi-timbral (bi timbral) allowing splits across the keyboard or stacks to create amazingly complex sounds Superb UI, a great departure from the norm of synthesisers, featuring a very high quality 4.3? screen with wide viewing angle, display is context sensitive where the control parameters of any control knob that is touched by the user, is immediately displayed Eight

recall banks’ are accessible directly from the front panel, enabling performing musicians to get rid of their set sheets and build set lists of presets, sequences and animations, all quickly accessible from dedicated front panel buttons. Up to ten banks of quick recalls can be created, making live performance a doddle Ultra fast (1ms) VCF and VCA envelope generators. VCF-EG is one of the 11 modulation sources that can be freely assigned to any parameter by it’s own unique amount Four Key Modes – Polyphonic, Monophonic, Unison and Stack Very high quality construction, uses a premium FATAR semi-weighted five octave key mechanism with aftertouch All voice control parameters are accessible from a well designed and intuitive front panel, that follows a traditional synthesiser work flow Combined XLR/TRS sockets for balanced / unbalanced outputs.

each of the eight outputs can be brought out individually via a dedicated d-sub socket. Optional Digital Output board providing multi voice outputs over USB (Class Compliant) with FX available Q2 2015. Two audio inputs enabling audio processing from the VCF onwards plus external MIDI in and out XY joystick and
Sustain and Expression pedal inputs for performance controls – any control parameter can be assigned to any joystick axis (X+, X-, Y+, Y-) by pressing the dedicated front panel selector button


Forum; Neuer Analoger von Modal: Modal 008 / 002R Rack

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